Ducks 'n a Row: Learn How To Make Your Own Rainbow Bagels

28 March 2016

Learn How To Make Your Own Rainbow Bagels

Got any bagel lovers in your house? Our kids grew up on bagels but I never thought of making my own. These rainbow bagels are fun and taste like they came right from the local bagel shop and you can make them yourself!

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My niece, Lauren, is an amazing, culinary-schooled pastry chef. Baking is her passion. She is just hours away from giving birth to her fourth child. So, what does she do? Make rainbow bagels, of course!  A sure sign that baby is just hours away, LOL! She's already totally cleaned her house. 

When I saw these bagels I just had to share them with you. Kids love them and adults do, too. They taste like the best bagels you get from a pro bagel shop yet she made them right at home! You can, too. The basic recipe she used is from Epicurious (recipe below.)

The rainbow part? Well, she quadrupled the recipe. Then she separated it into four parts, coloring each a different color. Then, she just rolled the dough into cords and wrapped them around each other. She shared with me that she kneaded the dough with her Kitchenaid mixer but, in her opinion, it would be relatively simple to knead by hand. 

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