Ducks 'n a Row: O is for Ocean Kids Activity That Fizzes

18 March 2016

O is for Ocean Kids Activity That Fizzes

Ocean day is the most fun we have had in our preschool class all year - and we have had lots of fun! This ocean fizzing sensory experience is a great activity for pre-k, kindergarten and even first grade. It appeals to a child's natural fascination for the secret world under the sea, their love to play in water and it teaches them a little bit of science, as well!

Note: be sure to check out our paper plate, bottle cap O is for Ocean craft, too! Told you we had a great day :)

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Now, don't be overwhelmed by all the parts of this activity. It is so easy to put together and worth every bit of the effort. Your kids will love it!

My assistant, Katie, first discovered this on Pinterest - it was originally created by Fun At Home With Kids. She sent me the link and I was wow'd! There was no doubt, we HAD to do this. 

Overview: you will build an "oceanscape" for your students to observe, touch and play with "sea creatures." They will also discover what happens when vinegar mixes with baking soda (FIZZ!!!) 

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baking soda "rocks" that you will make
baking soda (large box)

The bin that we previously used for a colored rice sensory table was perfect for this activity. It is actually a garment storage container that has wheels (wheels are NOT necessary but it just has them) and a lid. 

You'll want to protect your floor. We purchased and inexpensive plastic table cloth meant for a sea themed birthday party. It was a beautiful drop cloth for this activity. A plastic shower curtain liner would work just as well. 

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How To Make Baking Soda "Rocks"
Scoop dry baking soda into a large mixing bowl.
Gradually add water till it is a consistency that can be molded into balls.
Place a plastic sea creature toy or small sea shell inside the baking soda ball and mold it with your hands like you would a snow ball.
Gently place it on a tray to dry.
For effect, you may want to use a sea shell to imprint the outside of the damp baking soda rock.
Allow them to dry for at least 24 hours till hard.
Note that you still will want to handle them gently.

Vinegar Bottles
These plastic condiment bottles will be filled with white vinegar and a couple of drops of blue food coloring. 

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How To Set Up Your Ocean Scene
Spread the table cloth/drop cloth on the floor.
Put the empty plastic bin on top of it.
Arrange rocks, glass gems and sea shells around the bin.
Stage plastic sea animals all around.

Time for your children to come in and see!*
*To keep the vinegar smell off their clothes, cover them in a big t-shirt or smock with sleeves.

sea life, baking soda and vinegar, under water, water play

Now, gently place baking soda rocks in the dry bin.
Give a blue tinted, vinegar filled condiment bottle to each child.
Have them squirt a rock and see what happens.
  This is the science part! Baking soda + vinegar = fizz 
Watch it fizz and see the look of delight on their faces!
After a while, the plastic sea creature will "emerge" from the rock.

Now fill the dish pan with cool water and gently pour it into the bin.
Let them play and have fun!



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