Ducks 'n a Row: O is for Ocean Paper Plate Preschool Craft

11 March 2016

O is for Ocean Paper Plate Preschool Craft

I have waited for months, now, with anticipation for the O is for Ocean unit with our preschool class. You see, my teaching assistant Katie (the same person who made those adorable Robot party favors for our class) found a great fizzing ocean world by Fun At Home With Kids on Pinterest for us to do. 

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Katie  sent me the pin and the moment I saw it I was thrilled. Our kids were going to have FUN! So, now I needed an ocean craft for our little kiddos to make along with this activity. Back to Pinterest! I came across this bottle cap ocean scene on paper plates by I Heart Crafty Things that was perfect. O is for Ocean proved to be an enjoyable, rich day of learning. Next year, we'll do it again! 

What I love about this craft is that it is easy to pull together and simple to do. Being on a very limited budget, I used many things I found right in my home. The few items I did need were purchased for cheap at Dollar Tree! Here is what you'll need:

O is for Ocean Paper Plate Craft

Black marker
Blue paper plates
Colorful bottle caps
Drinking straw
Fish / sea life stickers
Gold Fish crackers
Googly eyes
Green tissue paper
Plastic container/plate for the glue
Rice or dried beans for sand
White school glue
White paint
Yellow copy or construction paper

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The only tricky part of this simply project is in getting the bottle caps and rice to stick. They need a little bit of time to set. 

Letter O theme, preschool, kindergarten, kids crafts, paper plate crafts

  • Pour some white school glue on the bottom edge of one side of the plate.
  • Spread it thinly using a Q-tip and immediately sprinkle rice on it. 
  • Move the rice around by tipping the plate till it sticks. You may want to lightly press it into the glue. This will be the sand on the ocean floor.
  • Next, glue yellow paper triangles on the plate. They will be the tail fins for the larger fish.
  • Dip the bottle cap edges in the glue and set them over the tail.
  • Wait for it to set for a few minutes.
  • Add a drop of glue on the bottle caps and set a googly eye on.
  • Finally, draw the smile on each bottlecap. 
  • Squiggle glue on the side of the fish and tail.
  • Sprinkle glitter on the squiggles. 
  • Glue shredded green paper on as seaweed.
  • Glue Gold Fish crackers on for little fishies in your scene.
  • Add some sea life stickers
  • Pour white tempera paint onto a clean space of your plate.
  • Using a plastic drinking straw, dip the end in the paint and lightly tap white rings on your scene as bubbles.* 
*My little kiddos were "running out of steam" when we got to this part so, to preserve their enjoyment, we skipped the bubbles!

Tip: we "unveiled" each part of the project as we went along. Each adult took a table of four students to work with. We brought them the next parts of the project after they had completed the previous until it was complete. We've learned by experience that if you put it all out on the table "anything" can happen! LOL

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In a soon-coming post I will show you the Ocean FIZZIE activity and tell you just how to set it up plus I will share the sorting and graph activities we did with our preschool class, as well.
 Stay tuned!

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