Ducks 'n a Row: Seasonal Clothes - Get Organized!

16 March 2016

Seasonal Clothes - Get Organized!

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Making space in your closets - getting all of your clothes really clean - preparing for the next season - feeling great. The Seasonal Clothing Shift has begun!
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Do you have some chores that never get done? We all do. Spring cleaning, for instance. In many households it has gone by the wayside for lack of time. In fact, the younger generation may not even know what spring cleaning is! Shifting seasonal clothes into storage can also be overlooked. We just cram things into the same space and deal with it. But there are advantages to taking the time to make the shift. 
The number one motivator is space. When you move out winter clothes and replace them with summer clothes, and vice versa as autumn returns, you gain the pleasure of closets and drawers that can breathe. No more struggling with hangers that won't move because there is just too much stuff in there. No more dresser drawers that will barely open or close. No more not finding what you are looking for or having it too wrinkled to wear.

A second reason is the joy of knowing that everything is clean. Don't you just hate pulling out a top only to discover that there is a spot on it? Back into the laundry basket it goes. When you take the time to do a clothing shift, that will not happen.

Third, clothing repairs and donations will take place. As you sort, you will find items that need a couple of stitches to make them wearable again. You will also identify the clothes that your family will never wear (wrong size or outdated) and you can donate them to others who will enjoy them.

Is a checklist really necessary? Not really but checklists help me to stay engaged in the task at hand. I love having a list of to-do's that I can check off item by item. It gives me a sense of success.  So, I made a seasonal clothes shift check list (free printable below.) You can either check it off or use stickers. Get the whole family involved. 

Check off your progress as you go! 
Here is how I do it:

SORT = separate this season’s clothes into three piles.
  • KEEP: those you will continue to wear into the next season.
  • STORE: those you will wear when this season rolls around again next year.
  • DONATE: give away, or throw away, depending on the condition of the item.
CLEAN = do not put away soiled clothes.
  • Wash or dry clean them. 
  • READ THE LABEL for care instructions
  • Those that will be washed should be separated into categories:  whites, colors, cold water, delicates, etc.
FINISH = give them a “home.”
  • FOLD and put away in a drawer or on a shelf.
  • HANG on a hanger.
  • STORE the ones that will not be used for months in plastic garment bags or boxes
organizing, laundry, wash day, decluttering, homemaking
Read the labels. Wash and dry washables. Dry clean anything "dry clean only."

organizing, laundry, wash day, decluttering, homemaking
Separate clean clothes into three piles: keep, donate and store.

seasonal clothes shift, organizing, laundry, wash day, decluttering, homemaking
Hang up or fold and put away the clothes you need for the new season.

As I was organizing my seasonal clothes, it seemed like a good time to make everything new and try a new product. I used Member's Mark Ultimate Clean Liquid Laundry Cleaner from Sam's Club. 

organizing, laundry, wash day, decluttering, homemaking

A stain that had hung onto my husband's blue t-shirt went away when I washed it in Member's Mark Ultimate Clean Liquid Laundry Cleaner. I was so happy. It really does what it says it will do. Our clothes came out clean. The extra brightening and whitening showed and the price is very reasonable. 

It is convenient to use with a push button dispenser and no-drip spout so that you can measure out just the right amount for the machine and to treat stains.
BTW, if you are concerned about whether your machine will handle it, don't be. It is formulated for all types of washing machines and is HE compatible. 

I love shopping at Sam's Club. The aisles are spacious and the employees are so happy to help you find what you need. But, if you'd rather not go out, you can always order from Sam's right online!

Now, for your printables. There are two. One is the checklist I used and the other provides sorting labels to print and clip out.

free printable checklist, organizing, laundry, wash day, decluttering, homemaking

Seasonal Clothes Sorting Labels

Let's learn from each other. 
How do you handle the seasonal clothing shift?

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