Ducks 'n a Row: Cute Little T is for Turtle Preschool Craft

22 April 2016

Cute Little T is for Turtle Preschool Craft

Little 3-D marshmallow eyes give this turtle paper plate craft for kids some dimension - cuter than cute! 

turtles, Letter T, kids crafts

Oh, how I have looked forward to teaching this lesson. In previous years we did T is for Tee Pee, T is for Turkey and T is for Teeth. It was time to do Turtles - especially with the fond memories I have of "my own" turtle named Manfred.  *amazing story below

Things we learned about turtles:
  • Some live on land, some live in water.
  • The ones who live on land have stumpy legs. Sea turtles and other water-dwellers have webbed feet.
  • Turtles can be itty-bitty small or huge!* (tortoises)
  • Turtles are reptiles.
  • Turtles eat a variety of foods. Some eat vegetation. Some eat insects. Some eat animals. 
  • Baby turtles hatch from eggs using a "tooth" to chip their way out!
  • More: Fun Turtle Facts from Science Kids  
My Tortoise Story

T is for Turtle and T is for Tortoise, preschool lesson

My Tortoise Story: affectionately remembered in my kid-memory as "the best day ever!" Long long ago, in a place far, far away (Upstate New York) there was a second grade class ... MY second grade class and there was a little 8 year old girl, that would be me. Though it was far in the past, the images will stay with me forever. During recess, our class was playing outside on the playground. Suddenly, I kid you not, a huge and I mean GIGANTIC tortoise slowly crept out of the woods. He was so big that two children hopped on his back, to the great distress of the shocked teachers. They couldn't move fast enough. "Get off. Get off!"  and " Keep away from his mouth!" They did get off but he was soon surrounded by a sea of wondering children. Can you imagine our parents when they asked us how school was that day? LOL! 

We named him "Manfred." Somebody called for help. I remember the police being there. It isn't clear to me whether we were still outdoors when he was taken away but he did become a permanent resident of the local zoo. Manfred kept his name and he lived there for decades. He passed away a few years ago and it has been said that he was well over 100 years old. When I read the news, for a moment there I felt like a friend had died. Manfred the Tortoise will always have a special place in my heart.

T is for Turtle Paper Plate Craft

This craft is simple and fun to make. I had run out of googly eyes but came up with this brainstorm - marshmallow eyes! I had mini's on hand. I cut them in half, put a dot of black paint on each and Voila! Eyes! I like them better than the googlies.

kids crafts, T is for Turtle, paper plate crafts

Plain white paper plate
Green construction paper
Turtle part template on white paper
Marshmallows: mini and large
Small paintbrush
Cotton swab
Tempera Paints
Black marker
White school glue

T is for Turtle

Cut the small marshmallows in half.
Paint a black tempera paint pupil on each marshmallow "eye ball"*
You will find that they harden a bit in a short period of time.

turtle, preschool, kids crafts

Cut out the turtle parts from your template.
Tape the tail onto the legs part of the turtle.
Now you will have two parts: front and bottom
Trace the front and back onto green paper and cut them out.
Staple front to one side of a paper plate shell making sure that the "dome" part of the shell will be on the correct side. You don't want the staples and tape to show.
Do the same on the other end for the bottom legs with tail of the turtle.
Tip:you can also use some tape to secure it.
Glue the marshmallow eyes on the head.
Draw the nose and mouth using the marker.
Using large marshmallows, DOT colored tempera paint all over the paper plate, decorating his shell.
You now have one adorable turtle!


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