Ducks 'n a Row: Destroy Bathroom Scum With This Super Powerful Trick

15 April 2016

Destroy Bathroom Scum With This Super Powerful Trick

Let me start by saying, it took me years to even THINK of this. Then, when I did, I was almost too scared to try it. Afterall, no manufacturer of oven cleaner would ever say to use it on a fiberglass bathtub or shower. No way! I wouldn't either ....but I was a desperate woman. 
This is my story...

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For years the soap scum was building up in the tub and shower of our big bathroom. No, I did NOT skip cleaning it. But this particular bathroom was not the one I used regularly. The rest of the family did. I loved using our smaller powder room. It is cozy and has a shower. I liked it because I could leave my make up and other toiletries conveniently located at arms reach without getting in anyone's way. That is probably why the other bathroom was slip sliding away from me. Three other people were using that one. 

I didn't recognize how bad it had become until really late in the game. By the time I did, I tried my best to correct the problem. I used just about every cleaning product known to man but nothing was TOUCHING it.
  • Multi-purpose cleaners. 
  • Foaming bathroom cleaners. 
  • Super-duper high-priced highly advertised cleaners. 
  • Green techniques like pastes made with vinegar and baking soda. 
  • Powdered cleaners. 
  • Even laundry detergent. 
Over the months, I truly tried it all with little to no results. 

Then I had this little daydream. I saw myself using fume-free spray oven cleaner on my tub and shower. Really? What if it ate through the wall? Somehow, I kinda knew it wouldn't. After all, there were so many layers of soap scum it would take the cleaner a while to even get to the wall! "OK, let's try it!"

So I prayed, "Please Lord don't let this hurt my tub" and "Please Lord, let this work."  I sprayed on the foam, left the window open just in case there WERE fumes, and exited the room - closing the door behind me. 20 minutes later I returned with a scrubby sponge and bucket of warm water. I scrubbed the wall and, YES, the scum was disintegrating. It took me over an hour and one repeat spraying but I am happy to report that ALL of the soap scum buildup is GONE! What a relief! And, the tub was fine. It looks clean and pretty again!

Like I said, the manufacturer would never say to use it anywhere but in a real oven. And I'm not even recommending it. All I am saying is that it worked for me.

Sorry that I don't have a before and after picture for you but my mind wasn't on blogging at the time - I was just thinking of getting my shower and tub really clean.

Don't you just love household hints, tips and hacks? Got any good ones for us? Share them in the comments!

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*Please Note: all fumes are dangerous. Chemicals should NEVER be mixed. When working around any kind of chemicals or cleaners - fumes or no fumes - ventilate the room and don't stay around it long. 

Safety first!
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