Ducks 'n a Row: Fun Preschool Math - With Fishies!

08 April 2016

Fun Preschool Math - With Fishies!

Our preschool class had such a good time on F is for Fish day learning how to graph and sort using colored Gold Fish crackers. This is NOT a sponsored post. I just enjoy teaching little ones in fun, delicious ways. These crackers are fun and delicious! Nuff said.

preschool lessons, math

The first time I used these activities was when we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday in our classroom. That was three years ago. Letter S is for Seuss. We made Dr. Seuss hats for our craft and did the fish sorting and graphing, tying it in with Dr. Seuss's One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish book! 

preschool math, fish graphing activity

So, again I pulled this activity out, this time for F is for Fish. That was the day we made our colorful paper clown fish craft. So pretty. Talk about fine motor activities AND learning how to follow directions. My kids did such a great job.

preschool math activities
Packaged fish crackers for each of my preschoolers!

preschool math, sorting activities, learning to use a graph, counting
Miss A enjoying her graphing activity.

These math activities accompanied my F is for Fish lesson but can easily be used with O is for Ocean. All three were great fun!

Fish Sorting Mat

Fish Cracker Graph 1

Preschool Math is fun with fishies!
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