Ducks 'n a Row: Are You Writing Your Pins For Tweets? You Should!

23 May 2016

Are You Writing Your Pins For Tweets? You Should!

Hey there blogging friend, have you ever considered how your pin descriptions would play out on Twitter? I had never given it a thought until I discovered that little checkbox at the bottom (left side) of my pins. It says "Post to Twitter." Oh my goodness, do you know what that means? If we check that box, the text with a link to every pin gets posted to Pinterest AND Twitter, too!

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That's right! With a click you can share an image on Pinterest AND Twitter, all at the same time! Soon as I started to utilize the "double-share" method, I noticed an increase in blog traffic. It is a wonderful thing. 

Tips For Posting Pins To Twitter

Before you just leap into this time-saver, there a few things to be aware of:
1. The checkbox will STAY checked for every pin from now on, unless you uncheck it. When you uncheck it, it will stay that way until YOU check it again.

2. The tag line (title?) on that image is the text that will appear with a link to the blog post that image came from. Use it wisely.

3. Be sure to tag all of your images and write those tags with Twitter in mind. What a waste to have a pin read as "img 523" instead of "Healthy Apple Cinnamon Muffins ..." Right? I won't click on or retweet "img 523", would you?   Yummy muffins? Yes!

So, let's see how this delicious recipe of Cynthia's from Feeding Big looks when you pin it and how it looks on Twitter:

Pinning it to a PINTEREST Board

See the checkbox on the left?

Now, this is what the pin looks like on Twitter:

Cool huh? It is amazing that pins without seeing their corresponding images are of interest on Twitter but they are. Mine often get retweeted and liked. Just remember, when tagging your photos, use keywords up front just like you would with any other social media and watch it work!

Posting your pins to Twitter? Here's how to do it!
Click To Tweet

Here is the pin to Cynthia's Healthy Apple Muffins:  pin it!


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