Ducks 'n a Row: Make The Day Go Better - Relieve Joint Pain With Shrewd Planning

25 May 2016

Make The Day Go Better - Relieve Joint Pain With Shrewd Planning

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I consider myself to be a healthy "Grandma-on-the-move!" With 12 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren, 7 young nieces/nephews and one more "great-grand" on the way, there are a lot of fun things to do. And, in addition to my own family, I also have twelve wonderful 3 and 4 year olds to keep up with in my classroom. Yes, I am a preschool teacher. I do a lot of walking, lifting, kneeling, all day long - not something that goes well with joint pain!

When dealing with pain, I have learned to go "light" on my joints by strategically planning daily tasks and taking Advil® with the new EZ Open Cap. Let me share what I've learned to do.

5 Smart Ways To Manage Joint Pain

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1. Delay Certain things may have to wait for a better time. For instance, if your hands are especially sore, some tasks that require you to use them can be saved for later. Sewing comes to mind. If you can mend that garment or work on your favorite craft later, that is what you should do.

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2. Lighten the Load: Have the grocery store clerk pack bags lightly. If they have help available, ask them to deliver it to the car. Simplify your steps - wise planning can minimize extra walking that is not necessary. We all need exercise but there are times to rest.

3. Delegate: Enlist the help of other people when they are available. Let the "big guys" do the heavy lifting for you whenever possible.

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4. Protect Your Health: Common sense steps to preserve good health are important. Proper diet, plenty of sleep and exercise are all essential. Ask your health professional for guidance in devising a plan.

5. Reduce Strain: Don't put pressure on yourself when it's not necessary. People with pain in their hands, arms and shoulders will attest that even opening a tough container can be excruciating. Advil has designed the new EZ Open Cap for those with arthritis pain for that very reason. Take a look at how simple it is to use:

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I bought my Advil with the new EZ Open Arthritis Cap at Walmart. It was right in the pain reliever section of the store near the pharmacy. Did you know that Advil is the #1 doctor recommendation when it comes to join pain?*
*Based on a survey of monthly doctor recommendations.

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Did you know that nearly 53 million Americans suffer with arthritis? That is a lot of pain. Well, May is National Arthritis Month and the Arthritis Foundation has prepared some nifty Better Living Tool Kits just for you.


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