Ducks 'n a Row: Save Time And Energy With The Healthiest Superfood Lineup Ever!

18 May 2016

Save Time And Energy With The Healthiest Superfood Lineup Ever!

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Hey, busy lady, what have you been eating lately? "Don't go there!" you say? "I want to eat healthy but try it with my schedule!" Did I read your mind? If I did, that is because MY mind was saying the same thing. I often dreamt of a totally healthy, balanced diet that would help me to look and feel great - as I was grabbing something on-the-go that did NOT fit that description AT ALL!  

Even when I did make the occasional "healthy" salad for lunch or dinner, I could hear the zealots saying "That's not healthy. Do you know where it came from?" Wrong ground. Wrong field. Wrong process. Ugh. I barely have time to read labels let alone do all that with any consistency. Back to the drive-up window! But really, we've got to stop doing this. Without health and energy, where are we going? 

And, time? Oh, don't get me started. I have found myself whining "I need a Mom!" a lot lately. Time and energy = a happy, healthy me!

So, at the risk of sounding like a commercial, I truly DID find a way to eat very healthy, on-the-go. I love salads, especially if someone makes one for me! If they would clean up afterward, too, that is a perfect life! Well, elevĀte really has done that - I kid you not. Not only are the elevĀte Ready Pac Organic Salads tasty, they are fully disposable. So let's recap: nutritionally charged, delicious superfood - no prep - no mess! It is everything I have been looking for :)

organic salads, Wegmans
I bought two different varieties - there are 8 superfood salads in all - at my local Wegmans store to see how they are: elevĀte Organic Sunny Caesar and elevĀte Organic Nutty Cranberry.

Finally, a way to enjoy clean eating, feel great and not have to make it myself! 
I was so surprised when I opened up the packages. The crisp fresh greens are in the bottom part of the container along with a fork. Absolutely NO dishes to wash! Yipee! The top part has dividers with the delicious salad toppings and dressing. 

The elevĀte Organic Sunny Caesar is comprised of crisp organic romaine lettuce, grilled chicken (raised without antibiotics,) shredded parmesan cheese, sunflower seeds - for a healthy crunch- and Caesar salad dressing.

The elevĀte Organic Nutty Cranberry includes spring mix greens, tangy cranberries, soft 'n creamy feta cheese, crunchy slivered almonds and raspberry vinaigrette dressing. 

All ingredients are organic, chemical-free, non-GMO certified and delicious! I was so tickled to see that even the packaging is "healthy." Everything it comes in is recyclable - bowl, fork and sleeve. Really! Even the ink the package is printed with is a healthy choice - soy based

My delicious elevĀte Organic Nutty Cranberry salad lunch - pre-assembly.

The salads were easy to find, right on the top shelf of the produce section at Wegmans. I've marked it with arrows right here for you. They were on the same side of the produce section with the various lettuces and greens. 

healthy eating, salad, nutrition

And here is a closeup of the product on the shelf. The well-lit shelf makes it easy to see, not so easy to get a clear photograph! LOL

salad, clean eating, healthy food, nutrition

So, we now have a great way to eat healthy without having to do it ourselves. But what about this time-thing? I find that using checklists and drop zones help me immensely. Nothing wastes time faster than being ill-prepared. You think you are ready to go, only to discover that you can't find your keys - or your glasses -or your shopping list. 

First, start by keeping the basics in the same location at all times. On teaching days, I have to bring a thermos of coffee plus my water bottle with me to school. Though they will need filled before I go out the door, I leave them on the counter near my "drop zone" basket the night before.

Put your essentials in the basket:
  1. car keys
  2. eye glasses and/or sunglasses
  3. cell phone
  4. notebook/shopping list
  5. pen - for last minute changes on that list
  6. lunch bag*
*From now on I will be pulling the elevĀte salad out of the fridge in the morning, to grab 'n go!

organizing, planning, moms on the go, working moms, easy lunches

What else will you need in your drop zone?

organizing, planning, ElevAte salads

An additional method that I use to keep myself on track is a weekly checklist.
I created a one-page sheet to write on and I want you to have it (below.)
There is a place to write down what you need to do today, this week, a weekly menu list, things to add to the shopping list, and special events by month. 
Using a list serves as a memory-tickler. Once it is written down, you don't have to think about it until you need it! Give your mind a rest :)

HERE:  FREE Printable OUR PLANS checklist for you!

reminder list, check list, to do list, free printable to do list

Do you have any little tips you can share to help us stay on track?

For those of us who love checking out the "fine print" here is a quick low-down of the healthiness of the ingredients in elevĀte salads: rich in omegas and anti-oxidants, plant-based proteins, 5 of the 8 kinds are USDA organic, 7 of the 8 are gluten-free, 3 are vegetarian and one is completely vegan. You will have fun just reading the packages. 

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