Ducks 'n a Row: Shaving Cream Fun for Kids!

13 May 2016

Shaving Cream Fun for Kids!

The simplest activities are often the most entertaining in preschool. Free play with shaving cream is one of them. Little children love it :)

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Shaving Cream Play: All of my kiddos tried it. Most of them loved it. The couple of children who didn't enjoy it were "so-so" about it - not total rejection. They are my neatniks! This little gal, Miss A, is NOT a neatnik. She dug into the activity with gusto. It was so much fun watching her having fun! 

Expect a mess. It's only natural. 
Preschoolers + shaving cream = messy!

Free Play With Shaving Cream

Cans of shaving cream (1 per 4-6 children)
Clean baking pans or trays (1 per child)
Bath towels
Paper Towels
Dish pan
Smocks or old t-shirts

Tips from the teacher:
  • If you are not near a real sink, have a dish pan of warm water ready and lots of dry bath towels to clean up your kids afterward. You will also want paper toweling and baby wipes on hand. 
  • Cover the children with smocks. We used old, adult sized t-shirts. 
  • Bring an empty plastic kitchen bag to put the messy towels and smocks in for transport. You will have laundry to do!
  • One can of shaving cream for each 4-6 kids is about right.
  • After covering them with a t-shirt, give each child their own baking pan full of shaving cream and watch them have fun!

Did you know that tinted shaving cream is great to PAINT with? Oh, it is- take a look!

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