Ducks 'n a Row: Top Five Reasons Why You Don't Poop Scoop

27 May 2016

Top Five Reasons Why You Don't Poop Scoop

When striving to achieve an organized life, there are choices to be made. What is important to you? Order is not everything, you know. It is important to ENJOY your life, as well. So, what about a dog?

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Some people with hard and fast career goals have chosen to postpone, or even forego, having children or pets. Their professional goal is their number one focus and they are the happiest fulfilling that drive for success.

Many of us, though, don't feel complete without the pitter patter of little feet around the house –children, dogs, cats or, all of the above! Children and pets take time, money, maintenance, increased clean up, and affection. But we wouldn’t be happy without them, would we. We are smitten. 

Four years ago we added a "little one" to our happy home. Lexi, our 8 year old Yellow Lab, was lonely since her buddy, Troy, moved out.  I wrote all about it in "My Dog Needs a Dog".  So, finally we welcomed this adorable yellow lab puppy, Sadie, into our home. With one more dog, though, comes a lot more POOP! It is inevitable.

puppies, dogs, poop scooping, cleaning
Even the littlest pups poop! 

So, while formulating an organizational plan—daily baby steps to freedom from clutter and chaos—dog owners should include a plan for their yard. There are no litter boxes for dogs (at least not the big ones). If you have dogs, your yard can become a pile ‘o poop before very long at all.

It is possible to do-it-yourself but what if your schedule doesn't allow for it? What worked yesterday, may not work for today!

The Top Five Reasons You Don’t Poop Scoop:

  1. Family schedules-- Sports practices and games for the kids, music lessons, the school play, parties and celebrations, hair or doctor appts, shopping, church activities, visiting the grandparents, etc. The list goes on and on.
  2. Shortage of help-- point number one sums it all up. They are too busy.
  3. Physical limitations – one sore back or knee can put the kibosh on poop scooping, until you recover.
  4. Loss of daylight – if you get home from work after dark, where is the poop? “What poop?” That excuse will only last for so long. When the dog won’t go potty on the lawn anymore, you know it has been too long.
  5. You simply hate poop scooping!
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A very effective solution to eliminating this problem, and still keep the dog, is to hire someone to do it for you. There may be a business in your community that removes pet waste. They do a great job for a price but, to many, it is worth it. If you don't have a pet waste removal company where you live, perhaps there is an individual you could hire to do the job for you. Bottom-line  someone has to do it. It is one job that refuses to be ignored. Pretty soon, it will find you!

Got a dog? Who poop scoops for you?


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