Ducks 'n a Row: W is for Weather Preschool Lesson & Craft With Science Experiments

20 May 2016

W is for Weather Preschool Lesson & Craft With Science Experiments

Recently I shared with you just how enthused I was over our O is for Ocean preschool lesson. It was a super fun day just packed full of learning. 

Well, let me tell you that I am just as thrilled about our W is for Weather day this year. We had so much fun and learned a whole bunch about the weather!
If nothing else, my kiddos went home that day knowing "Lightning you SEE, thunder you HEAR!" But they learned more than that, you can be certain.

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Yes, our weather lesson included a homemade tornado, a scientific reenactment of rain clouds and a craft that I am going to share with you today: sunshine and rain. What I love about this craft is the 3-D effect the little mini-marshmallows give to the clouds in the picture. We displayed these pictures at our year-end open house. I am so proud of my little artists!

W is for Weather Craft

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EXPERIMENT #1: We made a tornado in a bottle!

EXPERIMENT #2: We also illustrated what happens when the water droplets in clouds get too heavy, they fall to the earth as rain. This preschool shaving cream "science experiment" from Debbie Chapman's blog "One Little Project" is a perfect example: Shaving Cream Rain Clouds.

W is for Weather Preschool Craft

Light blue cardstock
Colored paper: yellow, green, blue
Mini-marshmallows (13 per artist)
Scissors (child safe)
White school glue

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If you are making this project with several children, you may want to prepare some of the parts in advance. 
Using a spoon, flatten the marshmallows a bit. 
Print the weather scene on light blue paper.

Note: sunshine side is left, rain/storm side is right.
Color the flowers using crayons or markers.
Print the sun circles and lightning bolts on yellow paper.*
Cut long strips of green paper for the grass. Have your little one(s) fringe the green strip using scissors.
Glue-stick the sun & lightning bolts on the page.
Do the same for the green "grass" fringe at the bottom of the page.
*Use the scraps from the yellow paper to cut out sun beams and glue them on, too.
Using white school glue, glue 13 squished mini-marshmallows onto the cloud.
Fun W is for Weather lesson and craft for kids!
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Weather Scene Template

Circles for Sun
Rain Drops
Lightning Bolts


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