Ducks 'n a Row: 5 Ways My Dog Sadie Will Have An Awesome Summer!

14 June 2016

5 Ways My Dog Sadie Will Have An Awesome Summer!

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Summertime fun is not just for people. If you are a dog owner, you know that we often plan our summers much like we do for our kids. Our precious pups need variety in their lives, too. Well, I have a whole lot of ideas this summer for Sadie. Quickly, they include: swimming, play dates, field trips, ice cream outings and toys!

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1. Swimming: labs love the water. They were made for it. I wish I had a lake for Sadie to swim in but her little wading pool will have to do. Her favorite floating toy is an empty plastic soda bottle :) She chases that thing around and around like it's a boat! Sometimes I shampoo her while she's "swimming," too. It is the perfect opportunity. 

dog playdate

2a. Play Dates - indoors on rainy days. Look at this! Don't you wish you could grab a broom and clean it up? What a mess! Sadie, Murphy and Troy tore apart a stuffed dog toy and had an absolute blast doing it! I knew that would happen the moment I gave it to them! LOL


2b. Play Dates - outdoors on dry days. Sadie has LOTS of friends! These two beauties are Indie and Bear, Sadie's cousins. The friends on the other side of the fence are Coal and Odie.

PetSmart, Purina Pro Plan Savor Dry Dog Food

3. Go On Field Trips - this week we took Sadie to PetSmart to buy her Purina® Pro Plan® Savor® Shredded Blend large breed adult dry dog food. Her cousin Jake loves it so we decided to give it a try. Sadie can hardly wait to get to PetSmart. As we pull closer to the store, she gets more and more excited. As a puppy, she took the beginner's doggie obedience class and graduated with honors! She also went to dog camp once a week while I taught preschool. Oh how she loved it and she remembers. So, when we go shopping, first thing we have to do is to stop at the dog camp window to say hello to her friends!

4. Going For An Outing- on the weekends we often go for a long drive in the country and Sadie gets to see all the sights!

doggie play dates

5. Play With Toys - Sadie has lots of toys to play with. This ball is a favorite with her and her friends.

As I said, often our field trips include a visit to PetSmart! Sadie loves that place! She has many fond memories of dog camp with her friends so we always have to go visit them before any shopping can be done!

arriving at PetSmart to shop with my yellow lab

Sadie loves doggie day camp

After a quick visit at the dog camp window, we hunted down the dog food aisles. We were looking for the Purina® Pro Plan® Savor® Shredded Blend large breed adult dry dog food. It was easy to find and, at my store, there were lots of bags in two places: on the main Purina aisle and displayed on the end of the center aisle, as well. We found it all right away.  Sadie and I looked at the flavors and selected the chicken and rice!

yellow labrador retriever, PetSmart

Since Sadie is changing dog foods, I am introducing this new Purina® Pro Plan® Savor® Shredded Blend large breed adult dry dog food gradually. First day I gave her a half and half mix and it agreed with her very well. In a few days, I will increase it to 3/4 new and 1/4 old. Within a week we will be totally switched to the new. And, guess how my "little" yellow lab (OK my 100 lb yellow lab) eats it. She eats the Purina Pro Plan FIRST! She loves the taste.

Want to know what I love about it? She gets variety with the crunchy kibble pieces along with the softer tender shredded pieces. It must taste really good. She gobbles it down! Sometimes she picks the crunchy pieces to eat first. Other times, she eats it all at once.

I trust Purina to take great care in preparing a product that is 100% healthy with balanced nutrition targeted for her needs as a large breed adult dog. It is important to me to know that she is getting the best nutrition possible. Did I tell you that Pro Plan has optimal levels of protein (from REAL poultry, meat or fish) and fat? That helps dogs maintain an ideal body condition. Makes me glad:)

dogs, pets, shopping, dog food

We had such a great shopping trip to PetSmart. Can hardly wait for the next time! And watch her eat ...

dog eating
Sadie loves her new dog food!
Does your dog eat standing up? This silly girl eats lying down. Go figure!

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