Ducks 'n a Row: Ladies, Are You Dealing With Incontinence? Help Is On The Way!

20 June 2016

Ladies, Are You Dealing With Incontinence? Help Is On The Way!

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This is a delicate topic, to say the least, but I am so glad to have an opportunity to talk about it because it hits so close to home with my own family. The topic? Incontinence! 
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First of all, what exactly is incontinence? It isn't just a little leak here and there. No. Incontinence, simply put, is the inability to control the urinary process and/or the bowel process. It happens suddenly, without the person knowing it is coming or being able to do anything about it in time. An accident can happen in waking or sleeping hours. It is very upsetting, both to the sufferer and those closest around him/her. 

Is incontinence restricted to elderly people? No, it is very possible for younger people to be stricken with it due to an illness or injury, as well.  Incontinence in women is a tender subject to me because of my mother. 

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Remembering Mom

When mom first became incontinent, it was at a time that not much talk was going on about it and there really weren't many adult products out there to help. Honestly, it was not a problem that ever even occured to me, when it came to her. I would have expected her to do research and get some help -- that was just how she was.

My mom was always one of those "can do" people. If there was a problem in her life, or for those around her, she was the cool headed one to get out there and find a solution. We looked to her for strength. And anything keeping here down? That never occured to me. She was so much fun, active and full of life. She used to laugh all the time.  In her younger years, she was a golfer. She was our party planner, too. Family holiday celebrations were her skill - and she did it well, creating lots of wonderful memories for us all. 

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Mom & Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary 

Somewhere in the process of time, following my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, both of my parents withdrew. At first, I thought it was because they were mindful of our need to live our own lives. But never did I think it was this. That's why I am sharing my story with you - there may be someone in your life that you need to help.

It became harder and harder to get them to allow us to come to their home and mom NEVER came to ours (dad sometimes would stop by to drop something off but he did not stay long.)  Simply put, we were stupid. We weren't getting the signs that something was seriously wrong. Well, much too late, we learned that my mom's health had declined and she had become completely incontinent. They had gone into hiding.

Why didn't they tell us? I think it was partially due to who they were. They were part of the "Greatest Generation On Earth." Their generation fought in World War II. Their generation sacrificed for everybody else. But they also were raised to be very private. Some things weren't "nice" to talk about and so they did not. They covered up. 
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When I look at everything that is available to help people with incontinence, now, oh how I wish they could have had it then! Mom would have had more years of freedom using Tena. Its design gives the wearer confidence that they are protected from the Unexpected Leak™.  They can continue to go places and do the things they love. 

And this new Tena® Overnight Underwear would have been perfect for her. It isn't a diaper. It is protective underwear designed to be comfortable, super absorbent and it pulls on. Women can wear it to be confident that leaks won't upset their night or day. At night, not only will they get a good night's sleep but so can their spouse. The bedding is less likely to get soiled and personal clean up is so much easier than what my mom and dad were dealing with. 

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Where to find it: You can get Tena® Overnight Underwear at your CVS Pharmacy. It will be located on the same aisle as all of the feminine hygiene products. This is what it looks like at my store:

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Do you have someone in your life who is unlikely to reach out if this problem comes their way? If you do, I have given it some thought. This isn't a perfect plan but I believe that proactive, loving contact on a regular basis can help you get a clue if something is not right. 

Here are some ways you can "get eyes on" the situation:
1. Bake something for her (or with her)
2. Bring her flowers
3. Call grandma to say "I love you."
4. Cut her lawn
5. Have her over for dinner
6. Make her a card and bring it to her
7. Scrapbook with her
8. Take her shopping
9. Weed the gardens at her house
10. Do her hair / nails

What else? Got any good ideas?

I made a checklist for you and your children to use. This checklist is a fun way to be sure that you are not letting too much time go by between "grandma visits." Besides, she misses you and you miss her, too. Keep in touch!

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