Ducks 'n a Row: Make Your Basket Planter Look Brand New For Cheap!

28 June 2016

Make Your Basket Planter Look Brand New For Cheap!

Sometimes the best ideas are so easy and inexpensive, we forget to tell anybody what we did. This wicker basket redo is one of those things - it took minutes to do. Easy-peasy!

planters, wicker baskets, impatiens flowers

I love this basket planter. My daughter-in-law picked it out for me for Mother's Day last year and I enjoyed its beauty all summer long. But over the winter, something happened to the basket. Though it was in the safety of the garage, out of the elements, it became old and weathered over those few short months.

planter, flowers, patio, basket

Hubby said "Well, this one's shot. You might as well throw it away." But I knew better. I could make it good as new with ease. It was so simple. 

How To Make Your Old Wicker Basket Planter Look New

  • First, take the plastic liner out. Wash it with clear water or replace it with new.
  • Next, brush off the outside of the basket to remove any loose particles and dirt.
  • Now, spray it with semi-gloss spray paint with primer
  • Let it dry.
  • Put the liner inside.
  • Fill with potting soil.
  • Add plants*
  • Done!
*I love New Guinea Impatiens for their bold blooms and waxy green leaves. For this planter I used both white and red impatiens plants. 

Have you ever rescued an item that looked like it was doomed to the dumpster? Tell us what you did!


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