Ducks 'n a Row: Potty Training Is The Best Fun With New Huggies Pull Ups!

08 June 2016

Potty Training Is The Best Fun With New Huggies Pull Ups!

Parents, does the phrase "potty training" send chills up your spine? Maybe you've already experienced the struggles of this life-changing transition in a little child's life. Or, perhaps you see the day looming in the future. Know this, that day will come sooner than you think. Do not fear. You will get through it and now Huggies® with their Pull-Ups® Training Pants have made it easier than ever. Teamed up with Cottonelle® FreshCare® Cleansing Cloths from Sam's Club®you will have it made!


VIDEO ALERT! Before I tell you my story, I do not want you to miss this. There is a short video below (less than 3 minutes) about potty training "The Pull-Ups® Potty Partnership." You will be so tickled and encouraged. Be sure to watch it, OK?

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My recollection of my own little guy's "coming of age" is dear to my heart. He was always a cutie when it came to the hide and seek of potty training. I'd see that "look" on his face and ask him "do you have to go potty?"  At first, it was a definitive "no" shake of the head. Of course, he DID have to go and the deed was done - but not in the potty. 

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We talked it through. I told him that "big boys do it." Then we flushed the potty and watched a whirling little piece of toilet paper go down. Finally, the pee part was taken care of. He was good with that.

Poop? Different story! He'd "go missing" and I'd realize he was behind a door or the sofa, going in his diaper. I couldn't help but think "he is so cute!" But that habit had to end. And, of course, eventually it did.

I wish we had these new Huggies® Pull-Ups Training Pants for boys when my son was little but today I do have the pleasure of sharing the good news with my niece, who has a little girl in "potty training mode." Using these Disney themed training pants along with the easy to use Cottonelle® FreshCare® Flushable Cleansing Cloths will make the process easy and fun for parent and child.

Now do you HAVE  just a couple of moments to see this video "The Pull Ups Potty Partnership"? You are going to LOVE it! I think you'll agree that Huggies® has thought of everything:) They have come up with a simple program to help you work with your little one's personality at this crossroad of his/her life -leaving "baby world" on the road to becoming a "big kid!" Putting on an adorable Pull-Up is  big deal - celebrate it!  

In this video, child development expert Dr. Heather Wittenberg tells us about the "potty personas" that describe infant and toddler temperament. It will help you learn what your child's personality type is: Owl, Turtle, Squirrel, Bear and Puppy. For fun, take their brief assessment to learn just who your little one is.

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My niece, little Miss E, was so excited to receive her new Pull-Ups® Training Pants. She loves the pictures on them and feels like a "big girl" Her little sister was eyeing the fun. Little Sis just turned 2 but this is so much fun, she may catch on early! As you can see, big brother had to get in the act. He passed that milestone a while ago but wants us to know that he wears Pull-Ups too!

Let me just say that I am so glad that I joined Sam's Club®. They make it easy to shop - in-store or online. The prices are great and they often "sweeten the deal" with money-saving coupons and giveaways. Right now they have both - a $10 e-card offer and you can enter to WIN  a $500 gift card to Sam's Club

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When you go to Sam's Club®, just ask the many helpful employees and they will point you in the right direction. I was happy to see that the Pull-Ups® were only one aisle away from the Cottonelle® FreshCare® Cleansing Cloths. So easy and quick.

So, do you have any potty training tales to tell? Share them in the comments!

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