Ducks 'n a Row: Give The Best Little Kid Gift Ever!

26 July 2016

Give The Best Little Kid Gift Ever!

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You all know how much I love little children. My favorite parties to go to are baby showers and "little kid" birthdays - each time I can hardly wait to see what goodies the tiny recipients will get. Is it any wonder that when I discovered RockAbye™ Rockers that I was just blown away with their cuteness? 

Do your little ones love plush toys and stuffed animals like mine do?  Well, RockAbye's idea to make them into these whimsical children's rockers is sheer genius. Think about it. Don't they make the best presents ever? Imagine the "oohs" and "ahs" of delight at the next baby shower, birthday party or holiday celebration! I was thrilled to be asked to write about these lovable, huggable toys and then got the best surprise of all!  I found out that I would have four of them to give to the sweeties in my family*! 

So, I was asked to pick which 4 of the 20+ rockers I would get. You have got to be kidding! Only 4? I wanted all 20...sounds really selfish, doesn't it? OK,  I made the tough decision and selected the Flutter Butterfly, Ahoy Doggie Pirate Ship Play and Rock, the Carousel Horse Rocker and Poof the Lil Dragon Rocker. Adorable, every one of them! 

Take a look:

Butterfly, Carousel Horse, Dragon, Pirate Ship plush toy rockers

But you MUST see the rest of them, too. They have princess carriages, knight's horses, fire engines, dinosaurs, woodland creatures, farm friends and on and on. You can even put in a suggestion of a new rocker you think they should develop. I suggested a few. Go to their product pages and give them yours!

I was so excited when my rockers arrived that I decided to catch the unboxing on film. See how easy it is to remove one and set it up? Took seconds!

The Great Rocker Unboxing

toys, baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, toddlers, babies, best kid gift ideas

Now to introduce the toys to the children - or introduce the children to the toys? Whatever.  I cleared out the dining area of my kitchen of all furniture and set up the four rockers. Then I invited the family to bring their littles over. This first photo is called "the 3 Amigos!" LOL You should have seen them. They went from rocker to rocker, trying out each and every one. 

toys, rockers, rocking horse, toddlers, babies, family fun

Really Cool Features: Within moments, Littlest Miss E (four of them have E names) found the embroidered buttons to play the songs! Each rocker plays catchy tunes teaching the alphabet, numbers and colors! Listen here!

horse toy
The blur in this photo is Little L rocking so fast that my camera couldn't keep up. She sure was enjoying herself!

Do you have pets that love stuffed toys? Well, my yellow lab Sadie instinctively knew she wasn't allowed to play with the enchanting Ahoy Doggie Pirate Ship but she sure got as close to it as possible!

yellow labrador retriever, pirate ship toy for #kids
Yes, our yellow lab Sadie loves plush toys...she wants this one to be hers!

Little butterfly toy rocker
Littlest E age 2

pirate ship toy
Big brother E age 4

The patented RockAbye Rockers are designed with children ages 9 months to 3 years old in mind - 80 pounds maximum. My nephew Mr. E is 4 but well under the weight limit and he was enjoying him self bigtime!

little girl on rocking horse
This little gal, age 2, loves the Carousel Horse Rocker. Let me tell you how relieved I was when these two sisters -Miss L and Miss N - liked the horsey best and the little E sisters both loved the butterfly rocker most! Phew!

Take a look at the rocker part in the picture of this toy. It is solid wood, made by American craftsmen right here in the USA. Each rocker is uniquely designed reflecting the childlike imaginations of its creators. You won't find anything like them anywhere. These toys make great keepsakes. Each family will remember exactly who their rocker came from and when. 

cute dragon toy rocker for kids
Another blurry action shot... LOL. 
That little Poof the Lil' Dragon is on the move! :)

Give the best "little kid gift" EVER!
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baby on pirate ship toy rocker
This little guy, baby E, is a bit too young for this new rocker -- you can see that he's being held up by Daddy's steady hands --but in just a few months he will be rocking right along with his big brother and sisters! 

pirate ship rocker
Another sweet family 4 year old - my great granddaughter Miss N - enjoys her new baby brother's Ahoy Doggie Pirate Ship Play and Rock. It is one of 9 rockers that are part of the "Lil' Rider Vehicles" collection. 

Time to start thinking. What occasion do you have coming up where an adorable rocker would be the perfect gift? Baby shower? Birthday party? Holiday celebration? These rockers are more than just toys ... they are memories in the making! 
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This post was sponsored by RockAbye™ Rockers company. The opinions are 100% my own!
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