Ducks 'n a Row: 10 Smart Mom Tricks You Will Just Love

01 August 2016

10 Smart Mom Tricks You Will Just Love

Moms have their ways, don't they! When something isn't working just right or needs to be done differently, leave it to a mom to think of something out-of-the-ordinary and brilliant to solve the problem.  Here are 10 really cool life hacks that are "mom tricks" all the way... I just love them and I think you will, too!
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I love this one of 30 cool ideas. This one: use plastic toy rings as a deterent to little hands and lock those cupboard drawers! 

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I was shocked when my paperclip trick went viral on Pinterest! I use it all the time.

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Ever ask someone else to put new keys on your keyring for you, lest you break a nail? Just use a staple remover and you can do it yourself!

I saw this somewhere on the internet and just had to try it. It works!

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As with many life hacks, I learned this one out of necessity. I had bought some oranges, apples and bananas and they came with company...fruit flies! So, I did a search, found this hint and it is very effective and kinda fun to watch. (Sorry, to the insect lovers out there :)

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This tip not only cleans and shines that faucet, it makes it water-repellant!

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~a la Martha Stewart~
Really? Oh my goodness, really! Saw this and LOVED it...why haven't we all been doing this. 

This tip is one of 30 really great ideas to help new college students start out right! Just tape the keys down and paint-away!

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This is another one of my own tips that has taken off like a shot online. Must be all those people planning weddings, bridal or baby showers or other kind of events... YOU try to lick hundreds of envelopes and you'll be looking for another way to do it, too. LOL

household hint, life hacks, mom hacks, mom tricks

Has bacon changed or is it just me? Until recent years, I do not recall having a problem getting bacon slices separated when unwrapping themb- but these days they stick together and shred. This method gets each slice out of the package neatly, in one piece!

Got any cool tips or tricks you use? We'd love to know about them!

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