Ducks 'n a Row: How To Throw An Angry Birds Movie Party!

15 August 2016

How To Throw An Angry Birds Movie Party!

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, Walmart Family Mobile.  All opinions are mine alone. #AngryForSavings #CollectiveBias

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You may remember that just a few short months ago I purchased my very FIRST real cell phone ever. I was a cell-phone newbie! I got the unlimited data plan from Walmart Family Mobile and was so excited. At first, I wondered if I would ever catch onto the "bells and whistles" of such a decked out phone but, just as everyone predicted, I soon was zipping all over the place with it: calling, texting, taking selfies, uploading, downloading ... you name it! I think I may now be a "data junkie" but no biggie with the unlimited plan. I can use my phone to my heart's content, all for $49.88 per month! Really! 

My hubby already had his own phone and he thought he was happy with it, until he saw mine. He saw how easy it was for me to navigate. The screen is larger than the one he was using - making it so easy on the eyes - and, get this, I can SPEAK my texts. How awesome is that! That was the feature that got him. He never texted much because his phone had a teeny tiny keyboard. Speaking his texts is a dream come true. So, guess what? This week we went right over to see Olga at the electronics department at Walmart. She was the one who helped me with my new phone. Olga made it such a great experience, I was so glad we could work with her again. 

deals, cell phones
Our two new phones. 
We just bought the Samsung Galaxy On5 for my husband and he loves it!

Angry Birds Movie, cell phones, deals
Olga helped us to pick out his phone and starter kit. She set it all up for us right there, including transfering his current phone number to the new phone - service with a smile!  She made everything so easy.

Now, let me tell you about the plan!

The Walmart Family Mobile PLUS Plan provides unlimited talk, text and data for just $49.88. You may not believe this, but for this great price you get 10 GB of 4G LTE data plus you get a free movie per line every month through VUDU per month (up to a $7.00 value) per line. The Starter Kit was on Rollback:  $19.88 – another value price. It is usually $25! My hubby's Samsung Galaxy On5 was $119.00*. We really got a deal! And, since Family Mobile bills you later, you only have to pay $19.88 when you sign up!

[By they way, the beauty of VUDU is that you can order movies, including your free monthly rental, streamed through a SmartTV, ROKU®, Chromecast®, VUDUSparkTM or other compatible devices and watch it on your TV. It truly is simple to do. If I can do it, anybody can! I don't know about you, but the value of getting a FREE movie every month - that is like saving $7.00 per month on a new release rental,  to enjoy is a huge perk, in my estimation]

*Disclaimer: all prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of this posting: however these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing. 

Speaking of movies, when we got back from Walmart we were in the mood to have a family movie night so I went a little crazy and decorated for it. It was an Angry Birds Movie party! What a cute movie - so much fun that I can hardly wait to see it again.

theme party

To set the mood, I searched around on the internet for a free printable [source] to use to decorate balloons in the colors of the characters from the movie. We had a red balloon for the central character, "Red."  A yellow balloon for his buddy "Chuck" and a green balloon for the king of the green pigs "Leonard." I selected paper goods in the Angry Birds colors: red, yellow, black and green.

I don't want to spoil the plot for you but let me say that the bird families all are expecting little ones, hatchlings. They are adorable! So, for our party, I colored hard boiled eggs and placed them in a bowl to be a little "nursery" and used a green gift bow as grass. Next, I printed a sign with "The Hatchlings" on it. I also made an Angry Birds Movie sign with a picture of the star, "Red." (A little playdough in a cup works as a great stand for the sign, which I taped to a jumbo craft stick.)

kids movies
My little hard boiled egg "nursery" for the Hatchlings!

Of course we served beverages, popped popcorn and I made a very creative dessert: green pig cookies! Hint: the green pig characters in the movie are not as they seem - you'll see!

kids movies, theme parties, family fun
Green Pig Angry Birds Cookies

Since this was a spur-of-the-moment Angry Birds Movie party,  I took a shortcut on the cookies and used store-bought. If you are inspired to bake homemade sugar cookies from scratch, awesome!

To decorate them, follow these easy instructions:

How To Decorate Green Pig Cookies

Ingredients / Supplies
Round sugar cookies
1 can white vanilla cake frosting
Green food coloring
Edible decorator "eyes"
Green tube of decorator icing
Large marshmallows
Small marshmallows
Mini chocolate chips

pig cookies, Angry Birds movie

Mix a few drops of green food coloring in the frosting.
The ears and the nose are made from sliced marshmallows.
Slice pieces the size you want to use.
Dye them green by dipping the flat end in water tinted with green food coloring.
Let them dry. 
Frost a cookie.
Press a big green marshmallow slice into the center for the nose.
Press two edible eye balls on for the pig's eyes.
Press little green half-marshmallows into the top for the ears.
Press two mini chocolate chips, upside down, into the big marshmallow for the nostrils.
Finally, draw a mouth under the nose using green food coloring.
Cute, huh!

One more thing! 
Check out the Walmart Family Mobile Angry Birds in-store events!

Walmart Family Mobile Event Table: Just visit the hub - - to find an in-store event near you to meet with a Walmart Family Mobile rep. The event will have a code that you can scan to receive a free power up for the Endless Runner Game on the Angry Birds Action! app.

Angry Birds Display: and be sure to scan the Angry Birds code on the Angry Birds displays to unlock a selfie augmented reality experience with the Hatchlings. So much fun!

So, when you get your Walmart Family Mobile phone with your free monthly movie per line from VUDU, think about all of the movie night parties you can have! Got a favorite movie you'd like to see?


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