Ducks 'n a Row: Is Your Loved One Losing Her Hearing? Help Her #HearAnotherDay

05 August 2016

Is Your Loved One Losing Her Hearing? Help Her #HearAnotherDay

It struck me recently just how precious our ears truly are. With them we hear the sweetness of a baby's cooing. We drink in the sounds of soft breezes, birds chirping, the rhythmic breathing of contented children as they sleep or a bride saying "I do." So, why would we ever give that over to severe hearing loss

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Your loved one's hearing loss may be subtle, at first, but if left unchecked it can become a permanent situation with no return. How sad.

My father all but lost his hearing. At first, his solution was to turn the volume up on the TV, which drove my mother crazy! LOL She'd blast him with "turn that down, Ed!" Sometimes he would. Sometimes he'd just grin and creep it up a little bit louder. Finally, he did schedule a hearing test and, YES, he needed hearing aids. The difference in quality of life was like night and day. He felt whole again and it brought peace to his home. He was glad. We were glad. We only wished he had done it sooner but at least he did get help.

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So, today I stopped by my local Miracle-Ear®  to have a FREE hearing test and I am so glad I did. Now I can encourage others to go get theirs checked, too. 
Miracle-Ear's FREE hearing exam was easy. First, I called ahead to make an appointment. When I arrived for my appointment, they were all ready for me. It took about 30 minutes. They started by looking in my ears. Next, I was shown what our ears look like on the inside and I learned what the various parts do. It was facinating. Finally, I was given a hearing threshold test to determine if I had any hearing loss and, if so, to what degree. 

Thankfully, my test came out A-OK. I am hearing very well. But what about you or your loved ones? Our quality of life can be affected exponentially by hearing loss. Those with impaired hearing have to work a whole lot harder to get the information coming their way. Many times, they just plain miss out: a child's laugh, the punchline of a funny joke or the tender details of a happy tale. So much of life's enjoyment comes through sounds but tell them they can get it back in a big way!

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This is what my local Miracle-Ear®  office looks like inside ...which will soon be moving nearby to even lovelier larger quarters! 

Miracle-Ear's highly trained hearing instrument specialists will customize just the right hearing solution for them. Many of their hearing aids are so subtle, others will not notice your loved one is wearing one. They will help them select the style that is perfect for how they live and get them back in the swing of things!  

Introducing GENIUS™ 2.0!
Miracle-Ear® is proud to introduce you to our newest technology – GENIUS 2.0 with Speech Isolation.

Listening is About to Get Easier

We believe that hearing should be as easy as possible in a variety of environments and by combining three key technologies – digital noise reduction, directionality and amplification – our very own Speech Isolation defines easy listening. GENIUS 2.0 builds on the superior audibility and key features introduced with GENIUS, but takes this brand new cutting-edge technology to the next level!

Unique GENIUS 2.0 Features

Music Master is designed to enrich the quality of music and provide maximum enjoyment for listening to music. With three music settings – Concert, Playback and Performer –   wearers will enjoy a variety of music. GENIUS 2.0 is designed to deliver excellent music fidelity whether listening to music or performing. 
Echo Guard stops sound from reflecting off of surfaces such as ceilings and walls in reverberant environments. GENIUS 2.0 Echo Guard provides a comfortable setting for wearers by softening the reflected sound for better sound quality. Wearers no longer need to avoid difficult-to-hear places where sounds bounce off of the walls. 
Phone Surround transmits the phone signal from one ear to both ears when using a handheld phone. The signal is automatically detected by a magnet and wirelessly sends the signal, surrounding the wearer, and provides better understanding without the need for an additional accessory. GENIUS 2.0 provides an improved listening experience for telephone calls.

Say Hello to Wireless CROS Solution

The wireless CROS/BiCROS solution is designed for those with unilateral hearing loss. Available in our most popular style, the CROS RIC transmitter is worn on the unaidable ear and wirelessly sends the signal to any GENIUS 2.0 wireless hearing aid on the other ear, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from both sides.

We hope you are as excited about this new technology as we are! You can learn more about our GENIUS 2.0 technology, schedule an appointment to speak with a Miracle-Ear hearing instrument specialist.

To learn more about Miracle-Ear Hearing Aid options: start with your FREE hearing test. You can schedule it here or set something up for your loved one today:  MIRACLE-EAR FREE HEARING TEST

Have you or someone close to you experienced hearing loss? 
Tell us your story!

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