Ducks 'n a Row: Delight Your Kids With An Awesome Birthday Party At Home

16 September 2016

Delight Your Kids With An Awesome Birthday Party At Home

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Who doesn't like birthday parties! I LOVE birthday parties - especially kid themed birthday parties. There are so many kinds to choose from: princesses, pirates, chef parties, craft parties, cartoon characters, super heroes, pet lovers' parties ... the possibilities are endless. 

We all love celebrating our little ones' birthdays and we would like to do it in style but how do we do it without going broke? Birthday parties can be very expensive when you consider the decorations, food, party favors & games, entertainment, the cake and - of course - a birthday present for your little kiddo, too!

Well, my friend Sharon Rowley of Mom of 6 recognized the need for some guidance for all of us in "Kid Birthday Party World" so she put together this very helpful e-book to help us navigate through it. She takes out the guesswork and helps us devise a plan to make it affordable and FUN! No renting a hall or going to a local restaurant or mall.

1.  Brief history of birthday parties from past to present
2. Establishing the initial plan including budgets, guest list, type of party (sleepover or not) etc.
3.  Party themes and things for your guests to do.
4   Working out the details - including your party budget!
5.  Helpful resource guide to help you find what you need.

This e-book is an inexpensive investment ($7.99) when you consider the savings on your parties year after year. And, with all of her ideas, you won't run out of new party themes!  You can get the ebook right here. Buy it and save it on your computer for all of your birthday party extravaganzas! 


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Note: this author is an affiliate for Sharon Rowley's birthday party e-book and an Amazon affiliate, as well. I will earn a commission from copies purchased on this blog and/or anything you purchase from Amazon through Ducks 'n a Row. In advance, "thank you!" ... Sinea

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