Ducks 'n a Row: No Sticky Mess Can Stay When Goo Gone Is On The Way!

09 September 2016

No Sticky Mess Can Stay When Goo Gone Is On The Way!

Does your family make messesOf course they do! Over the years I have the pleasure of cleaning up lots of gooey messes in my home, as well as at work. 

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Remember, I am a preschool teacher! My motto is "Messes are inevitable - cleaning them up doesn't have to be hard." Let me tell you about my newest cleaning product favorite: Goo Gone! It is truly amazing. Goo Gone just melts away anything sticky. Glue, gum, greases, oils, paint, crayon, candle wax, adhesive - there are so many uses and it does it so well! You can apply it to most fabrics (NOT silk!) and that oily spot will be GONE when it comes out of the laundry. There is almost no end to the possibilities but let me tell you of the three ways I put it to the test.

1. The first job where I tried Goo Gone is in our little kids bedroom. It is a fun place to be but sometimes "things" happen. My laboratory experiment was on a crayon drawing on the wall. I lovingly call it "the Crayon Wall Art removal experiment."  Let me tell you, Goo Gone melted it away. I just sprayed it and used a damp sponge and wiped it off. Then I followed up with warm soapy water and a dry towel. Crayon came off COMPLETELY - 1-2-3!

clean crayon off, spots, messes
"Crayon Wall Art" 

easy cleaning, tips
Goo Gone "melts" the crayon away!

2. Next test was on the gluey, paint gunked up kid scissors from the school. I had gone to school to set up my classroom. We have a big bin of child-safe scissors in the supply room. Looking for the round-tipped metal ones with plastic handles, I was dismayed. The scissors had obviously been used on crafts or something and weren't cleaned off. They were sticky with glue and paint from last year.  So, I picked out a dozen and brought them home. 

glue and paint melt away with Goo Gone

After taking my "before" pictures, I layed them in my sink and squirted Goo Gone all over them. Then, using a damp scrubby sponge, I wiped each blade clean. REALLY clean!

scissors, preschool

Finally, I popped them in a bowl of warm soapy water, rinsed them off and dried them. Take a look!  Goo Gone got them clean and shiny almost like new!

clean glue off scissors
Clean and shiny scissors for my little preschoolers to use

clean jar, crafts, gifts

3. Take a look at this beautiful, sparkling clean jar. It is a jelly jar that had labels on both sides. My past experience with getting labels off jars was that it can be a nightmarishingly long job.  But I needed to use this jar for a craft that I am going to make. I was motivated! 

So, take a look at how very easy it was when I used Goo Gone:

taking a label off a jelly jar

Time to try Goo Gone? Sure it is! It is sold in many stores. I got my Goo Gone 12oz Spray Gel at Target. It was in the section near the pharmacy where all of the household items are. In my store, Aisle A-12, top shelf. 

Buy Goo Gone at Target

One of the things that I really love about Goo Gone is it is a spray gel. It clings to the area you spray it in and works its way in, loosening it up and, to me, "melting" it away. Crayon doesn't stand a chance! Any type of grease, oil, adhesive, gum or glue is history when you spray it on. 

NOTE: Now, when you go to the GOO GONE webpage you will see that there are a few places you do NOT want to spray it on. Do not use it on silk, leather, suede, rubber, stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces and unsealed stone.

When you buy Goo Gone, what tough job are you going to use it on first?

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