Ducks 'n a Row: How to Gift Wrap a Big Box!

07 October 2016

How to Gift Wrap a Big Box!

wrapping a Rockabye Rocker for a gift

Not long ago, I shared my story "Best Little Kid Gift Ever" about the joy that RockAbye Rockers have brought to the little tykes in our family. I received four of them when I was hired by the company to write about these wonderful toys. Well, three of the rockers went to our kiddos who live nearby (the Carousel Horse, the Pirate Ship and the Butterfly) but we held onto the fourth one to give to our great-grandson, Little B, on his first birthday. 

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This picture says it all ... Little B is in love with his Poof the Dragon plush toy rocker! His folks tell us he plays on it every day.

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Poof the Dragon Rocker

kids toys
The four rockers!

A RockAbye Rocker is a gift to remember. They are perfect for baby shower gifts, birthdays, Christmas and Hanukkah. Any gift-giving occasion. But how do you wrap one? That box is BIG! There are no gift bags large enough to handle it so I did it the old-fashioned way: wrapping paper. 

How To Wrap A RockAbye Rocker As A Gift

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Rocker in its box
Large roll of wrapping paper
Bow or Ribbon
Card (optional)

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First, put the rocker back in its plastic covering and into its box. (We had it out for the kids to play with when I wrote the previous post.)

how to wrap a big box
Tape the box closed.

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Unroll some of the wrapping paper.
Cut two pieces that fit on the ends of the box.
Tape them on each end using rolls of tape.
RockAbye Rocker plush #toy

Roll out more paper, leaving it on the roll.
Place the box squarely onto the wrapping paper.

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Gently pull the roll up an over the box.
Cut the paper off leaving some extra to overlap it.
Secure the open ends on the underside of the box with tape.

how to wrap a Rockabye Rocker #toys #baby

Now fold the ends around like an envelop and tape them. 

The ends will not cover completely but your two ends already have wrapping paper on them. It will look nice!

Add a bow to the top and, if you have one, the card.

Interested in knowing more about RockAbye Rockers?
Visit their website and follow them on social media, too!

This is not a sponsored post but, in the interest of full disclosure, know that I do work for RockAbye as a social media manager and previously wrote a sponsored post for them. Truly I love their toys and I think you will too!

Note: this author is an Amazon affiliate. Anything you purchase from Amazon through this blog will cost you NOTHING extra but will result in a small commission for me. In advance, "thank you!" Sinea

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