Ducks 'n a Row: Recipe Party TODAY!

06 October 2016

Recipe Party TODAY!

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Welcome to our party!
Join the fun as we all discover tasty new recipes and share them for each other on Yummly and Pinterest.

ONLY RECIPE POSTS==> Double-Please!

Thank you to our party hosts for making it possible for our party to reach a larger audience!

Here are our simple party rules...
  • Add up to TWO recipe posts of your own that we have not seen....this is not a recipe collection or wise advice about nutrition, please. Share single recipes only... otherwise, Yummly will reject them - they only take one individual recipe at a time. Non-recipe posts will be deleted from our party.
  • Visit ALL of the others (Please bookmark this party to come back a few times for late-comers.)
  • Yum every recipe and Pin every recipe.
  • Why Yummly? It is a huge source of food blogging traffic.
  • To make it quicker, you may want to add a Yum button to your toolbar. How To Add A Yum Button
  • Please tweet and share our party to spread the news.
  • Thank you for coming to our party! 

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