Ducks 'n a Row: Shop - Save - Give - Get Cash Back BIG and QUICK!

03 October 2016

Shop - Save - Give - Get Cash Back BIG and QUICK!

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Get ready, Shoppers ... if you love saving money on high quality products, I have really good news for you.
Get ready, Givers ... if it is your delight to help others and you are interested in unique ways to do more, I have really great news for YOU!
Get ready, Deal Makers ... if you love getting high quality goods but REALLY love getting cash back FAST after you've done your deal, hold onto your hats. This is going to knock your socks off ...and then you can buy more at a great price and get CASH back, too! LOL

I just found Giving Assistant and I am so so excited about it.
In a nutshell, here is what it does: 
Giving Assistant is an online shopping site that you join for FREEIf you love saving money and getting great deals then you are going to want to do this - the many benefits of using them was a great big WOW for me! 
Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant has made reciprocal agreements with over 1836+ top quality online stores. When you do your shopping through them, the stores send Giving Assistant money as a thank you for the business they just received. That money, in turn, is 100% given back to you. Yes, you read it right - 100%!!! 

The shopper is free to use that money to benefit themselves and their families or they can turn around and give some or all of it to the charity of their choice. No pressure!
It is a painfree way of making our world a better place through generosity ... and sometimes that "world" may be living in your own back yard!

I want you to take a look at all they have to offer:

DEALS: There are daily, weekly and monthly coupon deals for many of the Giving Assistant connected stores such as Kohls, Macy's, Microsoft, Best Buy, Target, Ali Express, Ralph Lauren, Sears and the list goes on and on. 

CASH BACK: you get cash back, too. This is the most generous cash back site out there and they pay you FAST! 

Look at these examples:
Ebags: 12% cash back
World Goods: 8% cash back
Gear Best: 7.5% cash back
Microsoft Store: 7% cash back
Ralph Lauren: 7% cash back
Sams Club: 1- 4% and 7% cash back on memberships
Macy's: 6% cash back
Alli Express: 6 % cash back
Etsy: 4% cash back
...and these are just a sampling!

REFERRAL PROGRAM: as a free member of Giving Assistant, you are automatically an affiliate. Here is how it works: If someone signs up for their free account with Giving Assistant using your referral link, they get $5 cash for signing up and once they've earned cash back then YOU will get $5 for the referral. There is no limit to how many referrals you can make. 

Note: If you sign up for Giving Assistant through any link in this post, you are using MY referral link. I want to say "thank you" right now for signing up through me! ♥ 

How to get started shopping through Giving Assistant:

It is so easy to sign up for a FREE account with Giving Assistant!

  1. Just go to their webpage: Giving Assistant 
  2. Pick how you will sign up:  Facebook or Email
  3. Now fill in the basic information - it is quick.
  4. Pick a charity you may want to give to ...or that part can wait for later.
  5. BROWSE and SHOP!

Giving Assistant
This is what the Giving Assistant homepage looks like.

Giving Assistant

You are only asked for very basic information, which takes just a minute to do...just enough for them to know how to pay you and, if you want to select a charity, who that is. Though it says "None Yet" in this image, moments later I chose Samaritan's Purse as my first charity.

How you get paid: where it says "how to pay you" there are two options. You can get paid via PayPal, which comes to you weekly, or by check which is done quarterly.

My first shopping experience was with Target. You know that I am a preschool teacher. Well, I go through printer ink like crazy. I needed more HP Ink for my inkjet printer and I wanted to buy from a store who takes PayPal as a payment option. Target does. It was so easy. 

First, I went to Giving Assistant's homepage, found Target and clicked on it.

deals, make money online

Then I clicked on the "Shop Now" button at the top right corner of the screen (above.)

Make money online

As the page redirected, Giving Assistant said "Hang Tight" signifying that they were letting Target know that I was coming to them using GA! That gave me confidence that it was working right. Seconds later, I was at the Target site and shopped as I normally would. 

Simple as that! Let me tell you that when you get started, the wheels are going to start turning. You will be thinking of every place that you like to shop that can now be done via Giving Assistant. 

If you are like me, you will also be searching your memory banks for people you know who would love to get cash back through Giving Assistant. They are the ones with whom you will share your referral link. Don't be shy - they will be GLAD!  

So that's my story. I was hired by Giving Assistant to write this post but my enthusiastic opinion is 100% my own! #ad

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