Ducks 'n a Row: The Many Amazing Uses For Dryer Sheets

07 November 2016

The Many Amazing Uses For Dryer Sheets

When you do the laundry, do you use fabric softener sheets? Don't they do a great job of freshening and softening your clothes! And they remove the static while they do it. Towels fluff up so nice--what a great invention. 
(Who did invent dryer sheets? Conrad Gaiser  When? Late 1960's First company to introduce it? Proctor and Gamble  Click for more)

There are a multitude of great other-uses for dryer sheets – new and used. After you read this list, you’ll want to go right out to the store and stock up on a bunch of them.

The Many Amazing Uses For Dryer Sheets

Bee Repellent: bees chasing you? Dryer sheets will chase them away. Either pin one to your clothes or place it nearby. I've tried this myself and it works like a charm!
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Candle Wax Remover: Don’t scrape the candle wax off your furniture, wipe it away with a fabric softener sheet.
Computer and TV Screen Cleaner: before throwing them away, take your used dryer sheets for a “once around” the house to clean the screens on your computers and television screens. There will be enough anti-static left to get the dust easily.

  • Keep clothes fresh in drawers, luggage, diaper bags.
  • Cigarette smell in your car? Tuck a new dryer sheet away to kill the smell.
Dust furniture with a used dryer sheet. The anti-static properties of the sheet removes dust so much neater and faster.

Fight Mildew: if you have outdoor furniture that has been tainted by mildew from the moisture, don’t throw it away. Sprinkle some baking soda onto the furniture and scrub using a little water and the dryer sheets. Rinse and wipe dry. You’ll find that the smell is gone and replaced with a lovely light aroma.
Ironing: clean your iron by rubbing it with a dryer sheet to remove residue.
Kitchen Miracle: use softener sheet to clean cooked on food from pots and pans. Just put a little hot water in the bottom of the pan and lay a dryer sheet over it. Let it soak for a while. Now, wipe away with a scrubby sponge. Also works on stove tops and in ovens.
Nervous Pets: some dogs get particularly nervous when a storm is coming. They can feel a prickly sensation in their fur. If this is the case with yours, gently rub her fur with a dryer sheet before the storm arrives and see if she makes it through in peace.
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Painter’s Best Friend: Makes your paintbrushes like new! Soak your used paint brushes in warm water with a dryer sheet soaked in it. Latex paint will slide off in minutes Sewing: use as embroidery backing, store threaded needles to keep them tangle-free.
Pest Repellent: Bugs, bees and rodents all flee when dryer sheets are around! Hide a dryer sheet in your pocket, if you are a person that the bugs just “love” to bite. Landscapers have discovered that if they keep some dryer sheets on them when they work, mosquitoes take a hike—far, far away!
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Soap Scrum Remover: Scrub your bathtub and shower stall with a new dryer sheet to melt away built up soap scum.
Smelly Gym Bags? Sweeten the smell of gym bags, golf club carriers, sports bags, old luggage, trunks of cars.  Put in a new dryer sheet inside once in a while to keep things smelling fresh.
Static cling? Reduce it fast! Rub a sheet on clothes that cling or even fly away hair!
Tree Sap: Ever get tree sap on your hands? It is miserable to get off. Guess what? Yep, dryer sheets get it off in no time!
Wet dogs smell yucky! After a bath or coming in from the rain, towel dry your canine and then rub the surface of his fur with a dryer sheet. He’ll smell great.
Windshields:Got dead bugs stuck to the windshield or your car or truck? Fabric softener sheets get them off fast!

Do you have some more uses for dryer sheets? We'd love to know. Tell us your experiences and ideas in the comments below!

Note: remember that dryer sheets do have chemicals on them. Use them wisely when applying them to human beings and pets. There are green versions on the market. I have no idea if all the listed uses will be as effective when using them. If you try it, let me know!

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Photo Credits:
  • Bee by James Barker
  • Paint Brush by Suat Eman
  • Bathtub by sixninepixels

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