Ducks 'n a Row: Help Someone Find the Miracle of Better Hearing

19 December 2016

Help Someone Find the Miracle of Better Hearing

Do you have someone in your life whose hearing is slipping away? Hearing loss changes everything. It puts heavy demands on the one whose hearing is affected and also on those around her. I know what it's like to have parents with declining health. They began to withdraw from interacting with others as their ability to hear and process conversations deteriorated. Helping them could not be ignored but what was I supposed to do? I felt helpless.

aging, health, deaf, hearing trouble, grandma, grandpa, grandparents

We can learn how to help others cope with hearing impairment and find ways to restore their hearing to a much better place and, let me tell you, Miracle-Ear has made it so much easier. Their new website is rich with wisdom on how you can help your loved one adjust to these unwanted changes, including a conversation guide that you are free to download. 

aging, health, deaf, hearing trouble, grandma, grandpa, grandparents

Now, you are going to love this --Miracle-Ear has created a FREE ONLINE HEARING TEST for those who may not be inclined to want to leave home to get one. It is a great way to start. You can take the test yourself and there is also a test that you can take for somebody else -really! 

You will enjoy taking this brief hearing test. It presents virtual situations and asks you what you heard. They place you in a restaurant, a train station, a concert hall, on a street with heavy traffic - various common life situations - and simply ask you what you heard. 

aging, health, deaf, hearing trouble, grandma, grandpa, grandparents

The result in just a couple of minutes is an assessment on the quality of your hearing. Next, take the test designed for your loved one who you suspect may be having trouble hearing. It will give you a glimpse of whether you are right about it or not.  After boosting your confidence, you can gently talk to them about getting help.

Use the new Miracle-Ear website as a resource to support your loved one with hearing loss. With their  free online hearing test,  helpful tips and the downloadable conversation guide, you have a great start in bringing lasting help to the ones you love. Give it a try. You will be glad!

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