Ducks 'n a Row: How To Make An Ugly Sweater for Christmas In a Hurry

19 December 2016

How To Make An Ugly Sweater for Christmas In a Hurry

All of my ugly holiday sweaters were long-gone. Having donated them to good-will, by now they have made somebody else big bucks or fond memories. 

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Do you believe that wherever you shop right now they are going for $20 today? Wow! Who knew I once had a small fortune in ugly sweaters. Easy come - easy go! 

So this year, when our student council decided that they were going to host a faculty ugly sweater contest before Christmas break, I had to think of something quick! 

No way am I paying $20 for a sweater that I don't want. So, inspired by Angie's ugly deer wreath sweater [below], I set out to create my own ugly sweater.  Mind you, I had two bucks and 1 hour to do it. Dollar Tree here I come!

I had a nice red ski sweater in my closet so all I needed was decorations. I purchased two identical Christmas stockings and got to work. It was simple. 

Make An Ugly Holiday Sweater in Two Easy Steps 

  1. Cut out the decoration from the front of the stocking.
  2. Using a needle and thread, loosely baste them onto your sweater like an applique. Light stitching means they can easily be removed later, restoring the sweater back to its original condition! 

When I walked into school that day, one little girl pointed at me and said "I had a Christmas stocking that looked just like your sweater last year!" LOL

Do you own any ugly holiday sweaters?
Ever make one yourself?

ugly holiday sweaters

Angie's Ugly Sweater - The Country Chic Cottage


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