Ducks 'n a Row: The Simple Way To Keep Clutter Out Of Your House!

16 January 2017

The Simple Way To Keep Clutter Out Of Your House!

"But, clutter is already in my house!" Well, this new habit will keep clutter out but it also can get clutter out, if it's in there. All you have to do is start wherever you are.
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Clutter has a life of its own, doesn't it? It grows! Before long, you cannot find your stuff. Hey, you might have places where you can't even MOVE! Last week we talked about organizing with 5 quick steps to take control. They work so, don't ignore them!   This lesson presents a habit that, if you get serious about it, will keep clutter from piling up again. 

Simple Rule = 1 item in?  2 items out!

I just used this decluttering technique with some towels. Take a look at the frayed edges of my old towels. New ones were long overdue! I love my new, fluffy baby blue towels. They are luxurious. 

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Now, do I want to put those old towels back in my closet? No way. Then I have 3 choices on what to do with them. Keep them in the garage for rags. Donate them to an animal shelter or veterinarians office (that's my preference.) Or, toss them. If I cannot get to a donation location in the next week, I will be throwing them out or they will stay forever! Dragging your heals turns this new habit into a nice intention that never comes to pass - beware!

Have you tried the 1 in, 2 out method? 
How did it go? It's fun, isn't it!

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