Ducks 'n a Row: 3 Simple Time Savers In The Kitchen

17 February 2017

3 Simple Time Savers In The Kitchen

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How much time do you spend in the kitchen? There are times when I feel like I live there. Those are the days that I'd like to do a "Lisa Douglas" of Green Acres fame - clear the table of the dirty dishes,  open the window and throw them out! Lisa took "speed cleaning" to a whole new level!

In truth, there are ways to cut down the time we spend in the kitchen ⇒ and abandoning the mess is NOT one of them. 

3 Simple Steps To Save Time and Get You Out of the Kitchen Faster

1. Cooking Tip⇒ toss as you go. Put an empty trash bag or plastic grocery bag in the kitchen sink or on the edge of the counter. As you cut food for your meal, and open up packaging, put the trash all in that bag. You will save steps and time. When you are done, just take the bag out to the trash and say "goodbye!" 
household hints, cooking tips, mom tips, momlife, cleaning, cooking

2. Enlist help from your family. Let them crack open the eggs, stir the mix, set the table. "Many hands make light work.

3. Double Up! Plan your meals with leftovers in mind. Some families are delighted to enjoy "part 2" of a good meal the next night. For those who require variety, just freeze the second portion to pull out for another day. 

My favorite dish to double up on is chili. I make a big pot, which we have with toppings on night #1. The second night, it becomes a topping for hot dogs or as a delicious chili salad served on greens. Then I freeze the remainder to pull out for a meal 2 or more weeks later. Note that the real cooking only took place one time but three great meals were produced. Smart!

So how about you? Any time-saving advice that will get us out of the kitchen faster?


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