Ducks 'n a Row: 7 Popular Ways To Organize Your Magazines

27 February 2017

7 Popular Ways To Organize Your Magazines

Overrun by PAPER?  Are magazines the culprit? Let's talk about some popular ways to take control of that magazine clutter - 7 ways you can do today!

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We buy magazines because we like them. We like the content. We like the look. We like the feel of the glossy paper and enjoy reading it that way, not on a computer screen. But have you ever noticed that magazines can take over? They take over the kitchen counter, dining room table, living room couch. Face it, get enough of them and they can overrun your house!

Here are some simple solutions to help you win over magazine clutter and organize your house:

1. Maintain the pages you like, and toss the rest.

2. Don’t keep the whole magazine, just keep the pages you like the best. Either scan the articles you want into your computer or cut them out, put them in a protective sleeve, and store them in a 3 ring binder. Be sure to label for quick reference. You’ll be glad you did as the binder grows.
If you aren’t a binder person, you can keep the article in a labeled manila folder and place it in a file.

3. Store them in upright magazine holders
If you prefer to keep entire issues of your favorite magazine, keep them in an upright magazine holder. Again, keeping an index of the most important articles and what issue they're in will save you lots of time later.

4. Use them to enhance your living room decor
Most of us have kept magazines on our coffee tables. The beautiful covers can add to the look of the room. However, they can also get to be too much and problematic every time you need to dust. Put them on a tray - problem solved!

Cleaning Tip: use a decorative tray to hold the display of your magazines. When you need to clear the space, just move the tray out of the way! It makes sorting them simple, as well. Bring the tray to your recycling bin, dump the ones you are through with, dust the tray, rearrange the remainder and return them to your coffee table!

5. Magazine Rack Another decorating idea is to keep them in a home magazine rack next to your reading chair, or in the bathroom! Sometimes the bathroom is the only place to find some time and solitude. It IS the "Reading Room" in some homes. Keep them there and recycle when new magazines arrive at your home.

6. Read and recycle quickly! Treat them like a pest and don’t let them sit any place for long!

7. Donate them! 

  • Often the local public library will accept gently-used magazines which they will in turn loan out. 
  • Nursing homes may welcome next-to-new magazines to share with their residents. 
  • Share with a friend on the promise she WON'T bring it back! LOL
BONUS IDEA: Here is a really unique solution from Kim of Exquisitely Unremarkable. She made a magazine HANGER for her magazines. 
how to store magazines
Book Page Magazine Hanger - Exquisitely Unremarkable

How about you? Have you come up with some solutions for keeping magazine clutter under control? Tell us!


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Photo Credit:
Book Page Magazine Hanger by Kim of Exquisitely Unremarkable

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