Ducks 'n a Row: How To Make A Cute Little Toilet Paper Roll Penguin

13 February 2017

How To Make A Cute Little Toilet Paper Roll Penguin

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Letter P is for Penguin is a wonderful preschool theme. In fact, we studied penguins in my class last week and they just loved it. Penguins are so fascinating, it was easy to engage my students in our lesson from start to finish. We learned some fun facts about penguins, watched a short video and made a great craft.

This toilet paper roll craft is a project that children are so proud to display when they bring it home. Older children can easily cut out every piece. We were dealing with time constraints so I prepared most of the pieces in advance. That way everyone would be able to get theirs done. Wait till you see some of my childrens' creations (below.) Don't you just love the one with the beak on its forhead? Adorable!

How To Make A Toilet Paper Roll Penguin 

Penguin Body Parts
Body [black]
Tummy [white]
Beak [orange]
Wings [black]
Feet [orange]

Empty toilet paper rolls
Construction paper: black, white and orange
Googly eyes
White school glue
Clear tape attach the feet

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  • Draw a template for cut outs ⇒ tummy, feet and wings
  • Cut a rectangular piece of black construction paper to fit the empty toilet paper roll.
  • Glue it around the toilet paper roll using white school glue.
  • Cut out a tummy using white paper.
  • Glue the white tummy on one side of the toilet paper roll.
kids crafts, P is for Penguin

  • Cut out two feet from orange paper.
  • Use tape to attach them to the bottom of the interior of the toilet paper roll.
  • Fold the feet to be a "stand" for your penguin.
  • Cut out a diamond shape for the beak, also using orange paper.
  • Fold the diamond in half.
  • Glue the bottom part of the diamond to the penguin leaving the top free to be the top of the beak.
  • Glue two googly eyes above the beak.
  • Cut two curved strips out of black paper, for the wings.
  • Glue them to the sides of the pengin.
  • Done!
kids crafts, Letter P is for Penguin

Enhance your lesson with fun facts about penguins! A few that preschoolers will love are:
  • Penguins only live in Antartica and other places in the southern hemisphere -South Pole- not the North Pole.
  • Penguins cannot fly. Their wings serve as flippers for swimming.
  • Penguins are fast swimmers and spend half of their day in the water.
  • Penguin parents both raise their babies, called "chicks."
  • The Emperor Penguin is the tallest - up to 47 inches (3.91 feet) 
  • The daddy Emperor Penguin protects the egg of its chick by resting it on his feet, to keep the egg warm.

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Click for more fun facts about penguins:

kids crafts, family fun, penguins, preschool, kindergarten crafts

Have fun making a cute little toilet paper roll penguin with your kids

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