Ducks 'n a Row: Make An Adorable "Welcome Doggie" Busy Bag For A New Puppy

06 February 2017

Make An Adorable "Welcome Doggie" Busy Bag For A New Puppy

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Love puppies? Think about when you first brought your little fur baby home. She was cuddly, licky, snuggly, squirmy and truly a baby. 

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If you haven't had a young pup in a while, memories may have faded into everything fun. We all loved it, didn't we? But with her youth comes messes. She poops - she pees - she may even have an upset tummy once in a while and your new little love, who doesn't know anything,  lets it all happen on your beautiful clean rug.

My little gal, Sadie [100lbs of yellow lab loveliness] was just the size of a big tea cup when we met her 4 years ago. Of all the silly things, this picture of her doing her business is the first one I took! Believe me, the lawn is not the only place where that happened - not by a longshot.

She is what inspired me to make this new-dog busy bag for my brother's family. They are getting a new puppy and plan on naming him "Boomer" Cute! As we all know, when puppies don't have enough to do, they find things to do. Sadie did! I remember the day she first discovered mud. She enjoyed every gooshy minute of it. As you can see by the picture below, she got on the carpet before I could catch her. Aren't those muddy paws adorable? Of course, the carpet needed some TLC after I captured it on film.

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Then there was the day she brought a TREE into the house (OK... part of a tree.) She needed to chew and took it upon herself to solve the problem - thankfully it was a tree and NOT the furniture!  With that experience in mind, I decided to make a busy bag for the new arrival including the most important part: STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover.

STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover is the best way to be prepared for the inevitable messes pets will make. Whether it is the occasional piddle or poop on the rug or muddy paws, Stainmaster cleans it up great. Not only does it do an excellent cleaning job, leaving an invisible protective shield protecting your carpet from resoiling, but it deodorizes beautifully, too. 

Check it out after you use it. There will not be a trace of sticky residue where you applied it. None! I only wish I had had it when Sadie was little. I use it all the time now and, guess what? It also works great on other everyday kinds of stains like coffee, grape juice, jelly, ketchup, chocolate syrup, motor oil (YES!) and soil.


I found Stainmaster Carpet Pet Stain Remover in the cleaning aisle at the Target Store on Chili Avenue in Rochester NY. Not every Target has it. If yours doesn't, it is so easy to just order it from Target online and have it delivered to at Target store right near you. Click here to order it online⇨ Stainmaster Carpet Stain Remover at Target

So, while I was there, I got the brilliant idea to buy one of the red Target recyclable bags to use for my new pet busy bag! Made it so easy:) Next, I went to the pet supplies section of Target and bought some dog toys including teethers and chew toys plus a few plush toys, as well. Along with the stain remover, this will make a great starter gift for their new arrival. 

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How ever did Sadie figure out those were DOG toys, anyway? I thought  had been discreet. Oh well, I may have to give them to her and go buy some more for Boomer. LOL.

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How to Make a New Dog Busy Bag

Contents of a New Dog Busy Bag
Plush dog toys
Tough rubber ball or bones
Doggie chew teethers
Rope toy

Red Target Store Reusable Bag
Tacky glue
Variety of colors of felt squares
Template (2 copies)
Self adhesive felt alphabet letters
Large googly eyes (2)

Lay the felt letters on the bag for placement.
One by one, remove the backing and adhere the letters to the bag.
My letters were big so I only had room for "DOG."

puppy busy bag tutorial, how to make a dog busy bag
Print out a clipart picture of a dog*
*Do an internet search to find the dog you want to use! 
Make 2 copies so that you can keep one as a reference.
Cut apart the other copy for your pattern and lay the pieces out.

free dog clipart
One at a time, hold them on a piece felt with one hand and cut around the shape.
Lay each piece down flat somewhere, after it is cut, to keep track of where every piece goes.

Starting at the bottom of the dog -  in this instance, the neck and collar - dab glue onto each part and place it on the bag. 
Press gently.
Complete the process of creating the dog's face.
Glue two big googly eyes on.

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Let it sit for a few hours to be sure that the glue holds.
*You may want to check to be sure that the glue did not go through to the inside. I did not find that to be the case with mine but if it had happened, I would have put something inside to let the air flow while it dried.

Fill you bag with doggie goodies and a bottle of Stainmaster Carpet Pet Stain Remover.
Now you are ready to go!

Do you know someone who has a new puppy? It's the perfect time to introduce them to Stainmaster Carpet Pet Stain Cleaner - they will be so grateful!

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