Ducks 'n a Row: How To Thread A Needle By Hand

31 March 2017

How To Thread A Needle By Hand

Threading a needle sounds like such a simple thing to do but, for many, it is not. Needle threading requires a certain amount of dexterity with your hands. If you find yourself often saying that you are "all thumbs," this may be a challenging task.  
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It also requires excellent vision. With or without glasses, it is helpful to be able to SEE the hole in the needle and the end of your thread. When I was a little girl, my mom would call to me with "bring your eyes over here" when she was attempting to thread a needle. She had fuzzy vision and mine was 20-20! I'd get that needle threaded for her in moments.
Now, even with glasses on, it isn't quite that simple for me to do but I have a trick that helps me so much that I wanted to share it with you.
When you are threading a needle, hold the eye of the needle over a light colored surface. If you hold it over a dark background, the hole will disappear. You may never find it. Holding it over something white or very light will make that hole so much easier to find.  
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So here are the simple steps for threading a needle by hand:
1.Get your eye glasses, if you wear them for reading, and put them on.
2.Cut the end of the thread with a clean cut, on a slight angle.
3.Lick your forefinger and thumb lightly to dampen them.  
4.Run the last inch of that thread to the end, between that finger and thumb. That will bring your thread to a better point.
5.Hold the needle in the middle with the eye of the needle (the hole) over a light colored background, in good light.
Tip: do not allow the end of the thread to be too long or it will be "floppy." Only have a little bit showing so that you can control where it goes.
6.Aim the trimmed, dampened end of the thread at the eye and push it through.
7.Pull the thread through to the other side and pull both ends even.
8.You did it! Ready to sow. Well, almost...
Do you know how to tie a knot at the end? Not sure? Here is a very simple video to help you. [If you are reading this by email, click the title of the post to come to the blog. You will be able to view the video there!]

Got any sewing tips to help beginners? Share them with us in the comments!

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