Ducks 'n a Row: Letter E is for Egg Preschool Craft - super easy to make and FUN!

03 March 2017

Letter E is for Egg Preschool Craft - super easy to make and FUN!

This marbled egg shaving cream craft is perfect for teaching the Letter E is for Egg to preschoolers - they love it and it is so easy to do! If you aren't studying the letter E, it can also be a nice compliment to an Easter theme or even B is for Bird or N is for Nest or S is for Spring

Look at how unique every egg turns out. When you make your eggs, be liberal with your colors but keep them kind of separate. The marbling will be more vivid if you do.

This one is done on ivory colored card stock.

How To Make A Marbled Egg Craft With Shaving Cream

Foam shaving cream
Tempera "poster" paint*
Cardstock paper
Jelly roll pans or baking sheets
Craft sticks or straw
Straight edge or sturdy sheet of cardboard as a "squeegee"
Paper towel
Baby wipes (for hands)
Trash bag

  • Cut out eggs.
  • Write names on one side.
  • Spray foamy shaving cream into a pan or on a big plate.
  • Squirt tempera paint in streaks onto the shaving cream.
  • Using a craft stick or straw, squiggle the color through just a little bit.
  • Take the cardstock eggs (name side facing up) and press them into the shaving cream.
  • Gently pull it up (to me it is at its prettiest, before you wipe it off)
  • Wait 1 - 2 minutes to let the color sink in.
  • Squeegee the excess off.
  • Lay it out to dry.

Print the outline of an egg on pieces of cardstock and cut it out. 
Count on each of your children wanting to make several - it goes fast. 
They wil be fascinated with all the different designs this colored shaving cream produces. For my preschoolers, I cut out at least 3 per child.

Tip 1: have a location with paper towel laid out where they can lie flat to dry.

Tip 2: if you are doing this in a group setting, write the children's names in pen on the back BEFORE you start! Once they are wet, you are going to have a hard time doing it.

Tip 3: I am all in favor of children getting lots of cutting practice in on a regular basis. For this craft, however, you may prefer to pre-cut them out in advance and then (as I said in tip #2) write their names on the back of each one.

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Squiggle the color through the shaving cream using a craft stick, orange stick or straw.

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Leave lots of "white space" so that the designs are clear on the paper.

make marbled shaving cream eggs on cardstock
Gently press the egg shaped cutout into to the shaving cream. If you put the child's name on the egg, you should see it on top when you do this.

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Isn't it pretty? Let it rest a minute so that the color soaks into the paper cardstock.

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After you allow the shaving cream to sit on the egg for a minute or two, squeegee the excess off.

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The finished product! Pretty, huh? Tweet and tell someone  ...

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Children love word searches. Three and four year olds find letter searches to be a fun challenge.  Here is one that I made for my kiddos to do: FREE PRINTABLE "Find The Letter E" worksheet


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