Ducks 'n a Row: Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft for Kids

10 April 2017

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft for Kids

This Easter Bunny paper plate craft is perfect to keep little ones busy at a family gathering and fits so well for preschoolers as a Letter R is for Rabbit craft. We made it in my classroom and guess what kept coming out of my little kiddos' mouths? R is for "BUNNY!" We just couldn't shake it :

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Yes, that day we made a bunny. 
We learned about bunnies. 
It was a bunny day. 
Perfect timing, with Easter right around the corner. 
They are smart kids, though. They know that R fits on "abbit" for "RABBIT." 
But, let's face it, "BUNNY" is cuter!

This was a very fun paper plate craft. 
My students loved it and your kids will love it, too.

Easter Bunny Paper Plate Craft

1 pink crayon
2 white paper plates
2 googly eyes
2 cotton balls
1 pink or red pom pom
1 sheet pink construction paper
1 sheet blue construction paper or 1 sheet white cardstock*
White school glue

Color the inside circle of one paper plate, using a pink crayon.
Cut a 2 inch column out of the middle of that plate, discarding the "column." 
The two remaining parts of that plate are bunny ears!
Attach the ears onto the other whole plate by taping them to the back.
Glue on the pom-pom nose.
Now, glue the cotton ball cheeks very close to the nose.
Glue on two googly eyes above the nose.
Cut a little pink tongue out of construction paper.
Glue the tongue on sticking out from under where the cheeks meet.
Cut a bow tie out of the blue paper or find bow tie clipart, print on cardstock and cut it out.* 
Glue the bow tie at the bottom of the face plate.

Note: I tried attaching the ears using glue. That was a mistake. Not only did the glue fail to hold them on but it wrinkled the top of the face. I highly recommend using clear tape to attach them.

One little girl just HAD to make her bunny fashionable and put the bow tie on its ear. Cute!



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