Ducks 'n a Row: How To Hard Boil Eggs

11 April 2017

How To Hard Boil Eggs

Making hard boiling eggs sounds easy - and it is - however, hard boiling them so that the shells do not crack takes just a little bit of TLC. 
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This method is the simplest and works so well ... just be sure to keep an eye on them to turn the stove OFF when the water hits a full, rolling boil. This is important so that the shells stay in tact. If you wait too long, some make crack a little. 

How To Hard Boil Eggs 

Place eggs in a cold saucepan.
Fill pan with cold water to 1 – 2 inches above the eggs.
Place the pan on high on your stove.
Bring the water to a rolling boil.
Leaving it on the heating element, turn the heat off.
Time the eggs for 10-12 minutes.
Drain the hot water out.
Fill with cold water to make them cool enough to handle.
Peel or store in refrigerator with the shells on.

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If you are making deviled eggs, I suggest peeling them instead of storing them with shells. They will be easier to peel if you do it right away. When coloring Easter eggs, allow them to cool for 1 hour or more.

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Have you ever made bi-colored Easter eggs? They are so easy and fun⇒ How to Die Easter Eggs with Two Colors (NEW post coming this Friday - be sure to stop back!)


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