Ducks 'n a Row: Cute and Easy Mother's Day Card Your Kids Can Make Themselves

05 May 2017

Cute and Easy Mother's Day Card Your Kids Can Make Themselves

This homemade Mother's Day card is so simple to do. Your kids will love making it! 

Mother's Day; DIY greeting cards; preschool crafts

As our preschool school year drew to a close, lessons for the letters Y and Z were left to complete. Z is for Zoo was the theme of choice for the last day of school but I was still struggling with what to do for Y... then I came up with a plan!

Mother's Day was right around the corner. Y week? Z week? I elected to combine Mother's Day and Y  and do the Letter Y is for Yellow.  We studied the primary colors and learned what secondary colors were formed when we combined them. There was time in the lesson to fit in a nice craft  so we also made this adorable cupcake liner card for the moms.

Mother's Day; preschool craft; cupcake liner craft

The card is printed on colored card stock. For my sample copy, I used yellow-green and green crayon to fill in the foliage. The flower is a bright colored cupcake liner, turned inside out so that the colorful part shows. The sides of the liners are clipped so the flower will spread out better.

In the center I glued a yellow circle and attached some dried blackbeans inside for seeds.

Inside the card is another liner with the child's photo in the center. (The SAMPLE I made for my students to see has a picture of me but our moms got to have their precious little child's picture inside of theirs.)

DIY Mother's Day card craft for children.

I love how the paper cupcake liner stands out a little bit for a 3-D effect.

kids crafts

DIY Cupcake Liner Mother's Day Card

Circle cut out of yellow paper.
Elmer's glue
Dry blackbeans
Photo of the child

  • Print the words "Happy Mother's Day" and an outline of stem & leaves on cardstock on the right side of the paper.
  • Fold the paper in half so that the words and image are on the front of the card.
  • Color the stem and foliage.
  • Turn two cupcake liners inside out.
  • Clip the acordion outsides of the liners so that they separate a bit to form petals.
  • Gluestick the centers of the liners.
    • One goes on top of the stem on the front.
    • The second one goes inside the card on the right.
  • On the front, gluestick the yellow circle into the center of the cupcake liner.
  • Squeeze some dots of Elmer's glue on the circle and attach a few "seeds" (blackbeans)
  • Allow the seeds to dry for a few minutes.
  • Inside the card, glue the child's picture in the center of the other cupcakeliner.
  • Have the child to use crayons to write a message to mom and sign it.

There you have it ... a work of art!

preschool craft for Mother's Day
Here are some of the cards made by my darling kiddos... so cute!

DIY greeting cards for kids

This adorable craft idea came originally from Simple Kid-Made Mother's Day Card on I {Heart} Crafty Things.  Love that blog!


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