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16 June 2017

Get The Perfect Coaster In 2 Seconds For FREE!

This little household tip saved me time, money and aggravation. As you know, I now have my new in-home office  and I absolutely LOVE it. So, I didn't want to ruin my desk with stains from my coffee cup. That would be bad.  

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Sauder furniture looks really nice and is durable but what you do not want to do is put a glass or coffee cup on it, leaving a ring or scratching it. For quite a while I used a plate as a coaster. In the back of my mind, though, I was a yearning for a couple of black coasters that would not scratch the desk surface if someone slid them. Hmm.

Ever discovered that the answer to your problem was right in front of you? That is what happened to me. I was making a pot of coffee - Ducks 'n a Row RUNS on coffee :) - and looked at the plastic lid in my hand. "Oh my goodness - a black COASTER!" I exclaimed. The size was perfect. The color was perfect. It was soft plastic and unlikely to scratch a desktop. And, I am an avid enough coffee drinker that I would soon have a whole set.   

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First, I put one under the little vase of flowers that I received as an end-of-the-year teacher gift from one of my preschool students. No worries about drips from that one. Problem solved!

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Another went under my hot cup of coffee. Perfect!

Get the perfect coaster in 2 seconds for FREE!
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What "around the house" solutions have you come up with for everyday problems? We'd love to hear what you have done!

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