Ducks 'n a Row: Lobster! A Tribute To My Favorite Food

15 June 2017

Lobster! A Tribute To My Favorite Food

Happy Lobster Day!
Lobster Day; lobster recipes

"I didn't know that lobsters had a day," you say?
Me, neither.
But, apparently they do

Hmmm. I wonder if they get the day off? Sure they do. All fishermen go to a ballgame and Red Lobster® closes in their honor. LOL  No,I don't think so. Poor dears, they have no CLUE they have a day. *More about it: Lobster Day

lobster recipes; lobster roll; steamed lobster; lobster tail; lobster appetizer; lobster salad
Do you love lobster? I sure do. I have to say that I have not been willing to pick one out to send to its death in a boiling caldron of water. No. I take the weakling's way out, go to a restaurant and order lobster tail dripping with lots of melted butter. Yum!

So, for our tribute to LOBSTERS, let's first learn a little bit about them before we talk about EATING them!:
  • Lobsters are crustaceans which are part of the arthropoda phyllum (joint legged).
  • Lobsters have exoskeletons that serve as protection, like armor. 
  • Lobsters have 10 legs.
  • Lobsters live in the ocean and are found in each and every one!
  • Lobster sizes: smallest is a Slipper Lobster - and, silly me, it technically is not a lobster at all. It measures 2.2 inches and looks really scary, for such a little guy. The largest real lobster ever found was caught off the coast of Nova Scotia and it weighed 44.4 POUNDS! 
  • Kinds of Lobsters in USA: the American and the Spiny. For eats, I prefer Maine Lobsters because they are so sweet. 

We WILL get to the eating part of our celebration but, next, here is a great video about Lobsters by Jonathan Bird. If you have kids at home, have them gather around and watch it with you!

Lobster Video
(Reading this by email? Click here to see video)

When I discovered that today was Lobster Day, it gave me a craving for lobster. Since I'm all out of it right now, I thought I would do the next best thing (other than going to an expensive restaurant) and find some yummy lobster recipes to share with you right here!

Lobster Tail

lobster, seafood

Lobster Bisque
lobster bisque

Lobster Roll
#lobster #lobsterrecipes #seafood

Lobster Salads
lobster salad

lobster salad, lobster recipes

Lobster Appetizers 
lobster appetizers, lobster recipes, lobster lovers

Lobster Dip
lobster recipes, lobster lovers; seafood

lobster recipes, lobster appetizers, seafood recipes

Got a favorite Lobster Recipe? What is it?


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