Ducks 'n a Row: Some Bloggers Get Paid Big Bucks To Tweet - How About You?

05 June 2017

Some Bloggers Get Paid Big Bucks To Tweet - How About You?

June 5th note: affiliate links are included in this post. If you sign up for FREE for this course and then go on to enroll in the paid course, I will make a small commission. I just want you to know, though,  that the opinions here are real and 100% my own! 

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It was my dream to get paid to tweet. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love to write and it is wonderful to create posts about brand name products who are paying me to do it. Talk about a great job! 

But getting paid for tweeting was beyond my imagination - until I started GETTING PAID TO TWEET, that is!  Then I knew it was real. To date, I have made $,2,315.60 TWEETING and I'm just getting started!

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"How about me?" you say "I want to get paid to tweet, too!" Well, there are several ways that tweeting can become a source of income but no one will pay you to tweet unless you are active on Twitter. You have to be active and have a healthy following.

Yes, having lots of followers is a good thing but, more than that, having followers who are active on Twitter and interested in the topics that you write about is highly valued among brands. By hiring you to tweet for them, those brands can communicate their product message to your targeted Twitter audience over and over again.  

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My blog - Ducks 'n a Row - is a "mommy blog." I tweet about the same types of things that I write about.  I tweet (and retweet) topics compatible with my blog: recipes, organizing, cleaning, family fun, crafts, preschool crafts and prek lessons, money saving tips, time savers, giveaways, coupons, back to school, parties and entertaining, holiday celebrations, home and garden decor, household hints & tips, pets and faith. I have written for - and tweeted for - lots of nationally recognized brands in almost all these areas of interest.

So, how much have I made tweeting for brands? ⇒ $2,315.60 -- and I am just getting started. With no additional brands signed (and believe me there WILL be more brands for me to work with this year) I will earn well over $14,400.00 tweeting!  

I totally attribute my growing success in the paid-to-tweet world to Saira Perl's Influencers 101 course. Being a low-budget operation back then, I was not accustomed to paying to learn. I always pursued good FREE information. Well, when discovered Saira's blog, I read about how to make money with Twitter. She shared lots of great tips and I followed her instructions. Lo and behold, IT WORKED!  So, when she offered this course, I was already sold on the quality of her information and knew I had to do it. I am so so so glad that I did. Watch my video interview to hear my enthusiastic story! 

Personally, my motto is that "you can't sell something that you don't believe in." Well, I can sell Influencers 101 with all of my heart because of the personal success I have achieved through it. 

So guess what YOU can have ⇒ a FREE test drive! If you sign up today, you will get some introductory lessons from this valuable course for FREE. I hope you will do what I did⇒ Try it. Learn from it. Find out that you LOVE it!

NEXT WEEK (June 12 - June 16) there will be JUST 5 DAYS to actually enroll in the course. I do not know how many times this year it will be offered - offering a course of this magnitude is a lot of work for Saira - so I guarantee it will not be often. She is a WAHM with little ones so I doubt that she even knows whether it will be offered again this year or not. Time will tell. But why wait anyhow? If you love it, do it now. Good things usually go up in price so this time is the best price. And, like I said - you will be glad!

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Note: this author is an Influencers 101 affiliate. I will make a commission - at no extra cost to you - when you enroll in the paid course through links on this blog, tweets or emails from me. In advance "congratulations" and thank you for signing up through me! ... Sinea

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