Ducks 'n a Row: What Is A Blog Hop And Why Do I Care?

26 June 2017

What Is A Blog Hop And Why Do I Care?

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What is a Blog Hop? A blog hop is a social event where bloggers are invited to share links to their posts, visit others' posts and endorse them. How do they endorse? They do it by clicking on the image of the post they are interested in, commenting on that post and sharing the link on their own social media pages. 

Though a blog hop is a "party" of sorts, I prefer to think of it as going to a fair. Each post is a "booth" where we display our work. Some will pass that booth by. Others will touch the stuff a little bit with a click or maybe a pin. Still others will settle and "buy in" ⇒ i.e. they become a true admirer. True admirers follow the blogger via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and SHARE our work. We all do that with many of our favorite bloggers and, happily, we BECOME a favorite blogger for some readers, as well.

Brands have come to recognize that the relationship we have established with our readers are of value to them. A national brand can connect more closely with potential customers by hiring bloggers for "homespun" versions of their advertising campaigns. Brands would be wise to have someone stopping by blog hops from time to time. Maybe they do!

Blog Hops are a great place to develop a readership that is meaningful. Meaningful? They are the readers who love what you love and will come back again. They are also the people those brands out there want to connect with. Blog Hops are a marketplace for your future so don't sell them short. They are worth it.

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Blog Hops are not just for bloggers. Think of them as indexes of online magazines. Isn't that what a blog really is? An online magazine! People who just love crafts, recipes, kids activities, fashion, couponing, money saving tips, deals, giveaways, pets, back-to-school, home decor, gift ideas, parenting advice, ANY type of advice, health & fitness  .... well, the list goes on and on ... can come to a blog hop and find TONS of creative ideas. 

I had a marketing manager contact me one day about placing advertising on my blog. She asked me "Can you give me a list of other bloggers who write like Ducks 'n a Row? I would like to get in touch with them." That was a tall order. I know quite a few. So, I told her the best place for her to go fishing for excellent mommy blogs was blog parties! She did not know what they were. I gave her the "Reader's Digest version" and sent her on her way. That was all she really needed to know. Blog hops - link parties - are a gold mine for marketers looking for top-notch writers and photographers!

If you missed the first in this series ... How To Increase Blog Traffic 3 Ways Using Blog Hops ... "hop" on over right now! But, first, check out the list of blog hops I made for you at the end of this post. 

"So, where can I FIND blog hops?"  You can search Google or Twitter. To me, their search engines will be the fastest sources. If you use Twitter, just put these hashtags in the search window: #bloghop #linkup #linkparty or #blogparty. Any of those should find some. Also, I have put together a short list of parties  [below.] They are up to date and will give you at least one a day to get  you started. 

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SIGNING UP FOR THE EMAIL LIST OF THE HOSTING BLOGS! That way a reminder will come to you via email whenever a new blog party has started. 

If you host a weekly blog hop that you would like included in this list, please tell me in the comments. I will be glad to add it. Include the first whole day of the party. (i.e. My Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop begins Tuesday evening 7pm ET but I list it as a WEDNESDAY blog party because it is the first day of the week it can be found all day long.)

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