Ducks 'n a Row: You Have Got To See My New In-Home Office!

09 June 2017

You Have Got To See My New In-Home Office!

For a few years, now, I have been obsessing over gorgeous in-home offices. When you work from home 90% of the time, it is nice to have pleasant surroundings. I shared some of those great finds with you in 20 Stunning Home Office Ideas and Blogging Moms - This Is The Perfect Time To Give Your Office A New Look.

You may remember that several years ago we did a big re-do in our home. The most monumental improvement was that we took down the wall between the dining room and kitchen and put in a peninsula counter. On either side of the counter, the windows were replaced with French doors leading out to a new deck. The change was huge, welcome and labor-intensive. 

After that phase of our project was complete, I wrote about what to do to organize for that kind of change with before and after pictures. You can see our beautified kitchen here⇒ How To Prepare To Remodel Your Kitchen

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But there are limitations to what can be done at one time so, for a number of years since, I have worked at the kitchen table as my in-door office (The deck and front porch are my outdoor offices. Blogging is such a great job!) While we took a break,  I was planning and dreaming. 

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Take a look at the corner where the "desk" was destined to go. Some "desk" huh? Actually, it was just a holding place for my laptop when it wasn't on the kitchen table or counter. The little folding table now is my portable desk when I work on the front porch - so it serves a purpose, even today. I now keep it folded up and out of the way until time to work outside. 

Back to my "waiting period." I had my eye on the perfect desk and matching corner cabinet from Sauder (no this is NOT a sponsored post.) I just knew it would be perfect.

I measured for it. I imagined it. I spoke to the corners of my kitchen everyday, pointed and said "Desk ↔ Cabinet." Somday it would be a reality.

Here is what the kitchen office area used to look like:

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Another different look at "before" [below] so you really get the picture:

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The view of the kitchen from the table is pretty nice. Gives me incentive to keep things neat and clean since I had to look at it a lot.  The laptop is on the counter in this image because I was getting ready to serve dinner and did not have a DESK to put it on.  (Too much stuff on that counter there!)


Though the price on the Sauder desk and cabinet combo was very, very reasonable, I had no way to buy them at the time. I prayed that they'd still be there when the finances came in. 

One Christmas went by. No desk. No cabinet. No way to get it. Next Christmas came. We spent our gift money on our family and skipped buying for each other. I asked my hubby "When a wave of moolah comes in, can I buy myself a belated Christmas gift with it?" and he very happily said "of course!" The wave came and I went right to my computer to see if Amazon still had them. They DID! I ordered the desk and the corner cabinet - which really is a printer cabinet but perfect for my needs - immediately.

The corner cabinet was important to me as I would be able to clear off the kitchen table. We have baskets of "necessary stuff" (medication, vitamins, mail we don't want lose, etc) on the table but it doesn't have to LIVE there. I would rather get baskets in and out of a cabinet so that the table is not cluttered. That method works! 

So what do you think of my "after" picture? 


We still have a kitchen table there but I wanted you to see the real effect of these two new pieces of furniture without the table in the way.  Side view below.

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And now a glimpse from the kitchen - clean counter top, too.

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Why is my office in the kitchen? Well, our yellow lab "Sadie" had been injured in a snow storm one year. She had to bound in and out of the high snow drifts to go potty. I did not realize until too late that she had torn a ligament. She sleeps upstairs at night but I did not want to be working in a location in the daytime that forced her to go up and down stairs a lot. 

By working in the kitchen she can snooze on the floor next to me and is close to the door to go outside. Sadie is feeling a lot better but we have just added a new puppy "Bailey" to the mix so being near the door is still the best scenerio.

So there you have it. It was well worth waiting for. So, what is your dream office like?

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