Ducks 'n a Row: Took Me A While But Why I Finally Got Amazon Prime

10 July 2017

Took Me A While But Why I Finally Got Amazon Prime

Why I Love Amazon Prime

Though I have been an Amazon affiliate and have purchased products from them for years, I never signed up for Prime. I never even considered it. I didn't comprehend the value, that is for sure. And no way did I ever think that I could actually SAVE money by getting Amazon Prime. Oh boy, was I wrong!

What changed?
  1. We went through a period of time when the budget was tight and I literally had to figure out how to get food. I had been given a $100 Amazon gift-card for my birthday. There was my answer! I bought food from Amazon with it! I got big bags of dog food for our dogs, cleaning supplies and cooking essentials. It was so convenient, prices were good and my orders came to me – quickly! No driving. It was like having a helper working for me. That experience helped me to look at Amazon in a new way.
  2. Then my husband became very sick. We used to share household responsibilities but suddenly that was not possible. I was doing everything myself. It was imperative that I maximize my time. No more browsing the stores in-person. No time for that. That is when I decided to do a free 30 day trial of Amazon Prime. My new plan was to be buying as often as possible through Amazon so that I didn't have to go anywhere. The free shipping is what really got me – and the speed in which they delivered. 2 days is amazing! That was the deal maker. Amazon Prime is wonderful. I purchased a full year's membership.
Amazon Prime FREE 30 Day Trial Membership

I haven't even scratched the surface of the benefits of Amazon Prime. If you love music, movies, technology, great gift giving options, etc. then you are going to love PRIME.

Getting Amazon Prime was like hiring an assistant to bring stuff to me for FREE!
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