Ducks 'n a Row: $1 Sierra Dress

25 August 2013

$1 Sierra Dress

Hi, Ducks 'N A Row readers. I am Scary from Shaffer Sisters, this is not actually my name but a nickname given to me by my sisters, Al and Jo, a long time ago with a great amount of love and it has stuck ever since. 

I am a mommy to sweet almost 4 year old boy (Ryder) that has way too much energy and cuddly 1 1/2 year old girl (Boston). They both look like carbon copies of my husband's genes which would bother me a whole lot more if he wasn't such a good looking guy.
6 Years Ago Slim Jim and I were married, then we had these two cute kids that keep us on our toes. I was looking for our most recent family picture and I was horrified the last one we have was last Halloween, a situation I am hoping to remedy soon.

My favorite domestic chores to do are cooking and sewing. A week seems incomplete if I have not sat down to sew. 50% of what my kids wear is hand crafted. This really a win-win-win for our family because sewing and designing is so relaxing for me, I am able afford clothes that fit my tall skinny kids and they love having things that match their style and personality (click here for more sewing projects for boys or girls).

I am a strong believer that sewing doesn't have to be a budget buster (Bold on Budget) you just have to be creative about where you get fabric from and when you get started don't feel like you have to spend a fortune on patterns there are a lot of free tutorials and patterns that will give you great results.
Before moving to the Salt Lake Valley, we lived in a little college town in Idaho where knit was hard to come by. At the change of season, I would scour the clearance rack of Wally World looking for knits that I could refashion for my kids, prices ranging from $1-$3 (Most of them were 2XL or 3XL, whoot! whoot!). 

When I got home I would throw my treasures in the washing machine (always prewash knit because it will always shrink, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot) and wait for the perfect moment to use it.
Pattern testing (for more on that check out our Beginners Guide to Pattern Testing) is a budget friendly way that I have been able to get several patterns lately. Though pattern testing is not for the faint of heart, it is great way to get a complimentary pattern.  
This project was a $1 long sleeve Tee that I had found in the women's section that I loved the fabric and have been waiting for over a year to find the perfect project to apply it to. I was lucky enough to get in on Sierra Dress (affiliate link) pattern test over at Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop.
I used the existing hem from the shirt for the bottom of the dress and the sleeves. The Sierra Dress (affiliate link) was easy to follow and has lots options; with a Dress, Tunic and Top Length, Short or Long Sleeves options, a Notched or Banded Neckline, an option for a cut out pockets with contrast trim and  Color Blocking for Dress or Tunic Length. 

When I buy patterns I like to know that it will be able to used a them a lot of different ways and this pattern has those options. I also love how well it moves with every direction that Boston is running.
I think this little black dress is going to be a staple in her fall wardrobe. What are your favorite ways to save money on your crafting or sewing projects? What is your most affordable project that you have done lately?
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Thanks so much, Shaffer Sisters!

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