Ducks 'n a Row: How To Stay Organized In A Studio Apartment

23 November 2013

How To Stay Organized In A Studio Apartment

Several individuals live in studio apartments.  These small spaces make sense for various reasons.  They are usually cost effective for expensive city living, and they are great for single people who do not spend a lot of time in their actual homes.  Even better, they are usually conveniently located.  However, they can be a challenge when it comes to storage and organization.  Therefore, the following suggestions can help all studio residents to stay organized in their space. 

Develop A System For Storing Your Clothing
First, one of the best ways to stay organized in a studio is to come up with a solution for storing your clothing. Most people own more clothing than they can possibly store in the small space provided by their studio apartment.  Therefore, they need to come up with back up storage alternatives or get rid of the clothes they do not need.  

Some people store their seasonal clothes to free up space.  For example, they use a fur coat storage service to store their fur coats.  Others use their parent’s homes as an additional form of storage.  Some people rent storage units.  Regardless of which storage solution you choose, it is important to use one if you do not plan on throwing away or donating your clothing.  Otherwise, your small space will be a cluttered mess.

Layout Your Furniture Properly
Next, it is important to layout your furniture properly to provide the most space in your apartment.  This will allow you to stay organized and help the area to feel open.  Many people make the mistake of shoving their bed against the wall in a studio apartment.  This is not always necessary.  Instead, they can sometimes blend the bedroom and living room together to create a nice open area.  This leaves room for bookcases, shelves, and bins that can be organized properly.  It also helps the space to look less cluttered.

Use Storage Solutions
Furthermore, there are many helpful tools available that will make it easier for you to store your belongings.  For example, a bin or shelving unit can be used to store some of your belongings.  One of the great aspects of these options is that they are often decorative.  Therefore, you can use them to enhance the
hanging baskets, wicker baskets, storage bins
visual appearance of your home.  Additionally, you might want to consider adding hooks, cabinets, and built-in shelves to your closet area.  This will make it more functional and also help you to store more of your belongings.

Get Rid Of Waste
Finally, it is extremely important to get rid of waste.  Most likely, there are things in your possession that you no longer need.  Although you may want to hold on to sentimental items, you should be willing to part with the ones that are simply taking up space.  This way you do not have to figure out where to store them, and you can live a cleaner, stress free live. 

Remember, when you are organized in your environment, you create an atmosphere that is enjoyable and comfortable to live in.  Therefore, organization should be a priority.  Although it is more difficult in a smaller space, it is not impossible with these suggestions.

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