Ducks 'n a Row: Little Kitchen Drawer Organizer

22 May 2014

Little Kitchen Drawer Organizer

By Sinea Pies

It all started when I was looking for a tea bag for my husband. As I sifted through my long, narrow kitchen drawer, I realized that things had gone too far in there. Crumbs from sesame bagels of long ago dotted the bottom, packets of sweetener were being pummeled by can openers and gadgets. Time to rope this in!

I love shopping for organizers but this job needed to be done ASAP. So, I hunted around for an instant solution and found one! My little plastic tub. (below)

This plastic container fit PERFECTLY for me to corral the sweetener packets, hubby's tea bags and my Atkins bars right in that narrow drawer. I emptied the drawer, swept it clean with a moist sponge and squirt of multi-purpose cleaner and set it up: one - two - three. Done!

What organizers have you created in a pinch?

Love easy organizing ideas? Many do.
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