Ducks 'n a Row: Decorate Your Desk And Make It Awesome!

02 November 2014

Decorate Your Desk And Make It Awesome!

By Sinea Pies

Soon I will be getting my new desk. It is going in my kitchen (really, it is) because that's where I work. I write at my kitchen table but it is time to have more than that. I need a real desk and real storage that won't interfere with the atmosphere of the rest of the room. In my dreaming about my new in-home office, I found these amazing items that can give you a beautiful office, too. 

Be sure to check out the AMAZING office redo at the end of this post.  

desk decor, office decor, desk accessories  Ducks n a Row

When I saw this leather stationery organizer I exclaimed "wow!" I love the robins egg blue. If my desk area was white, this is the color I would pick. Since my new desk will be in a room that is painted in butternut squash, oak with black accents, I will  choose something different. The orange version is nice and would work. Believe me, this item is on my "to do"list for my new office space.

letter organizer, stationery organizer, home office, desk accessories

Now, this pretty letter holder by Design Ideas would be perfect in a white office alongside that powder blue organizer (above), don't you think? I am starting to wonder if I am putting my office in the wrong room! All my color preferences lean to the pastels. Pssst...there is a matching pencil holder, among other things, that can be purchased to go with it.

decorative letter holder, desk organizer, desk accessories

pencil holder, desk accessories, home office, office decor

Make your space beautiful. Personally, I love flowers. This little vase would look great in an in-home (or out-of-home) office and would make me very happy! How about you?

  white vase, lovely vase, wrinkled square vase, desk accessories
Wrinkled Square Vase from Torre & Tagus

Magazine clutter has been a pet peeve of mine. I totally love magazines. I hate the space that they take up. It made sense to me to rip out pages and store them in binders, until I tried it. It almost never works. They just get lost in the binder and it takes time to put it together. 

Therefore, I vote for donating lightly used magazines to the local public library or nursing home or a dear friend who loves it or recycling QUICKLY. These very classy looking wooden magazine holders should be reserved for the very very best magazines...the ones you'll go looking for later and will want to be able to find them!

magazine files, organizing, desk accessories, office organizers

Lovely offices are NEAT offices. I've had desks that were tangled with multiple cables underneath - ugly and hazardous. That's why when I saw these nifty little cable organizers, I had to share them with you. I like the colorful ones but you can just buy them in black or white, too. 

Bluelounge cable drops, cord organizers, desk organization

Since you have a nice office, you probably have an IPhone! Right? For those who do, decorate your phone to match your office decor. This protective case by Virgo would go very nicely with everything we've been looking at, wouldn't it?
decorative cell phone case

Staying with our light blue and white theme, a nice clock would be a great addition to the decor. You can go fancy with a lovely clear crystal mantel clock or you can add a contemporary wall clock like this one!

Infinity Instruments 9.5 inch Retro Wall Clock

Now let's take a close look at this amazing office redo. You just have to go over and see the original post at Pink Little Notebook. You will view the raw space before it became this sanctuary. Awesome!

home office reveal from Pink Little Notebook #desk accessories #homeoffice

Home Office Reveal by Pink Little Notebook
Pin:  Gorgeous Home Office

Do you have a home office?
What does yours look like?
What would you love to do with yours?

Note: this author is an Amazon affiliate. Anything you purchase from Amazon through Ducks 'n a Row will result in a small commission for me. In advance, "thank you" ...Sinea

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