Ducks 'n a Row: American Girl Doll Room Decorating Ideas

02 January 2015

American Girl Doll Room Decorating Ideas

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Have American Girl dolls invaded your life? My granddaughter, Mackenzie, absolutely loves American Girl with all the trimmings. What impresses me the most is that from the very start she has shown a real interest in the historical background that doll is set in, as well. The first doll she received, Molly, "lived" during World War II and Mackenzie wanted to know all about it. Hungry for knowledge, she read the book that came with the doll and it opened up many opportunities for us to answer questions she had about that time in history.

But Mackenzie's love for American Girl did not stop there. Her mom, Shannon, hopped on the bandwagon, setting up a whole set of household scenes for hours of play. Mackenzie and friends are having so much fun! 


American Girl is top notch, but a little on the expensive side. Using her bargaining skills, my daughter has made many a good deal on Ebay, winning bids on authentic American Girl dolls, clothes and accessories at a much better price. She filled details in her displays with other appropriately-sized doll furniture plus some very creative decorating ideas like the "horse trough" she made out of an end table! (pictured below)
girl toys
End table becomes a horse trough.

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One of the cute little additions that Shannon added was a mini rod to hang 
doll clothes on. 

American Girl does sell beds for their dolls, but Shannon found two of them at a garage sale. Perfect size and perfect price! 
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Miniature Bed
doll house, girl toys


This egg chair set is one of the hallmark pieces in Mackenzie's collection, along with a classroom setup with a real desk. Shannon added a roof to the "school."

American Girl Doll "School"

So, do you have any American Girl Doll lovers in your household?

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